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Get Artistic Interiors with Just a Click

Get Artistic Interiors with Just a Click
Get Artistic Interiors with Just a Click

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 15 2019August, 19 2021Comment

If you are a professional photographer or an interior decorator or keeping up with latest creative trends is your hobby, then gallery wrapped canvas would not be a new term for you. So what is gallery wrapped canvas? The latest trend is to get photographs, art pictures, collages and others printed on canvas and wrapping on wooden frames with standard thickness. When the image itself is wrapped on the side edges of the frame, then you get what is called gallery wrapped canvas. The gallery wrapped canvas prints gives a museum like effect to the picture printed on the canvas as it looks much like a real painting.

As an interior decoration option or as a display of your artistic photography, there are a number of creative ways to get these gallery wraps. The most common trend is to split a single photograph into three equal parts which are individually wrapped and these three frames are kept next to each other at a very little distance to get a very creative look to your painting or photograph.

Another trend is to get a set of the same picture printed in different color shades or similar pictures with different colors and place them either horizontally, vertically or even diagonally on the wall. This gives a very artistic look to not just the wall but the entire room or office.

Gallery wrapped canvas can also be put up according to a theme. If your are planning to give a theme of cars to your son’s bedroom then you can put same sizes of gallery wraps with pictures of different cars, probably in the same angle, and place them next to each other on the wall. This would enhance the theme of the interiors. You can play in a number of ways as far as themes go. You can also have a single theme running through your entire home by placing theme based gallery wraps in each room and passages of the home.

Not just these, if you do not want to go for multiple gallery wraps then you can go for gallery wrapped canvas with a collage or a mosaic which looks very artistic too. And you can put in more into one canvas in case of a collage than what you can by putting up three or four gallery wraps.

Apart from these, the gallery wrapped canvas can be used in as creative way as you could possibly think of. Any photograph or picture that you wish can be given for canvas printing and that too in custom sizes. Gallery wrapped canvas can be put up very easily on a single nail on the wall and as they are closed in from all four sides, they give a much cleaner look than even normal frames. So, it’s hassle free and very convenient.

It is ideal to get gallery wrapped canvas for your home or office interiors as they look great, can be customized in a number of ways, can be changed easily and are very reasonable too!

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