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Framing Options: Crucial Decision to Take While Customizing Canvas Print

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 28 2018August, 19 2021Comment

One of the most crucial decisions that have to be made while buying a CANVAS PRINT is the appropriate and suitable framing options. And hence it is imperative to know about all kinds of framing options available to us and which is favourable to our size and artwork. 

Mirror Wrap Canvas Framing Option Close Up

Mostly, a canvas print is stretched over 4 stretcher bars and the thickness of those determines the depth of your canvas print. There, we offer 0.75 inch and 1.5 inch thickness canvas print frames. 0.75 is the popular one because of affordability, but it can also be upgraded to 1.5 inch thickness which is what we recommend with bigger size canvas prints and most importantly it gives Art Gallery feel to Canvas.

gallery wrap canvas framing option 0.75 and 1.50 thinkness

Both frames are made of the above mentioned stretcher bars which are made of top most quality Steamed birch wood. Sizes which are greater than 16 x 20 inches flash great on 1.5 inch frame and you can just hang them as soon as they arrive! Whereas frames with 0.75 inch thickness are lighter and are the perfect choice if you are planning to get an additional frame around it like a floating frame.

The sides of both 0.75 inch and 1.25 inch are covered with the canvas borders, with the option that you choose. Mirror or Image wrap or a border colour of your choice. This highly depends on your artwork or photo that needs to be printed on your canvas print as we don’t want any important features of your artwork getting wrapped around the borders in case of image wrap and also if you want to give it a solitary look than lots of colour borders are available to you!

Gallery Wrap Framing Option

Sometimes, it happens that in spite of knowing about all different framing options, it causes confusion for selecting the best for your art piece! In my opinion apart from the size, it also depends on the STYLE of artwork or painting. Mostly, painting and abstract artwork are taken on a thicker frames as some of the greatest masterworks were created on such canvas depths. A thicker canvas lends itself to that style more than a thin canvas. They have probably held together well all these years because there is less tension on the corners of the canvas and also warping of frames is not a concern anymore!

Couple picture printed on canvas with Thin Frame Option
Hand Made Photo Collage Canvas with White Border

But end of the day, a great artwork is a great artwork and with the super amazing canvas quality, the look of a printed canvas is every bit as that of a real painted canvas when it is hung over your living room!