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Essential Ingredients to Make Extra-Ordinary Canvas Print

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 17 2018August, 20 2021Comment

So here’s the thing, We've all had that "aww..” moment in our lives! Maybe it was the first time you saw your baby taking its first steps, May be it the super awesome waterfall you discovered after hours of trekking in the hills. Or maybe it was just your grandpa, sitting on his rocking chair on the front porch of his hundred-year-old home. Whatever that moment was, it certainly made you skip a beat and certainly makes it to your list of memorable photos.

Photos that can only be classified as "aww...” moments definitely are the kinds that make excellent canvas print.

But why canvas print?

why canvas print clip art

Canvas prints are mainly used for home decors, either by professional interior decorators or personally selected by the homeowner. They enhance the adroitness of the space and make the ambience look lavish and rich. We all love to keep our loved ones close to us and hence canvas prints are the perfect idea of portraying those memories not to mention the personal touch it gives to your living space!

So what exactly makes them so great? Is it the HD colours that are printed? Or is the canvas fabric which absorbs all the colours so naturally and reflects just the perfect shades which basically blows our mind?

UV Resistance Ink

UV Restistance Ink

Canvas print is created through a specialized printer which requires special eight to 12 colour UV resistant inks. You want to use UV-resistant ink because if the canvas will be hung on a wall, it most likely will at some point be exposed to sunlight, which can cause it to fade. UV-resistant ink helps to slow the fading process.

Canvas Printer and Material

Thik Thin and Rolled Canvas Print

The printer is designed to accommodate canvas, which is heavier than most of the kinds of paper we use in our home and office printers. The Canvas is a specially engineered Cotton Blend Canvas suitable for accurate reproduction of colours. Later in the stage, we can also add the lamination option to the custom canvas print, which increases life to your picture, while adding a protective layer against mild scratches and dust. Also, before I forget it brightens the canvas print and elevates the look of it.

Image Re-touching

Yes, we do not take photographs as professionally as professional photographer takes. So if the photograph we use for printing on canvas would be a high- resolution photo which can be slightly edited if required boosting the brightness and raising the photo quality to another level. This process is done by professional designers and then they are printed onto the canvas with the special printer.

Picture Perfect for Attention Grabbing Canvas

Now that you get a fair idea of what goes into creating your personal art piece, we go into selecting the right picture which can make a good canvas print. Here, we are looking in to a high resolution picture, as this canvas art might become the focal point of your wall and is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

So What About My Facebook / Instagram and iPhone Photo?


Most of the cameras can capture 8 to 12 megapixel images, and the professional cameras can produce even higher resolution pictures. But the good news is, all your Instagram, iphone, Facebook pictures can be easily printed on a canvas and so now that selfie stick is going to come real handy! All in all the thumb rule is that the image should be at least 150 dpi (dots per inch).

What If I Am Not Sure About My Picture Quality?

Most importantly, even if your image is not a high resolution one, we can apply a variety of effects and print it. In a nutshell, we can PRINT ANY IMAGE you provide us! If you are not sure about your picture for its quality then you can always consult our professional designers who can personally check each artwork and give you a thumbs-up for its quality and also the suitable size for the canvas print.

If the picture is good to go then you can also take advantage of the different enhancement services that we offer like picture enhancement, removal of red eye issue or simply giving a sepia or black and white effect to it! These are all things that with the right photo-editing equipment – such as Photoshop – can be altered to create a better-looking image.

Among some of the images which have found their way onto canvas include:

  • Family portraits

  • Portraits of pets

  • Skyline photos, particularly at sunset or sunrise

  • Landscape photos

  • Waterfalls, lakes or the ocean

  • Wildlife


The list of what can be transferred photos to cheap canvas prints is endless and truly depends on the taste of the individual who is ordering the piece.