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Creative Ways to Stay Active at Home

Creative Ways to Stay Active at Home
Creative Ways to Stay Active at Home

By CanvasChamp TeamJuly, 30 2020February, 02 2023Comment

Don’t let staying inside drive you crazy! Get creative around your home and find new ways to get active.

Staying active and fit looks different for everyone, but one thing we can all agree on is that it helps to get creative and switch up our routines. With the recent pandemic, everyone has had to get creative with at home workouts and fun ways to stay active.

If you’re not ready to go back to your home gym or simply want to find fun ways to stay active in your everyday life, check out a few ideas we’ve rounded up.

Create an Obstacle Course -- Turn your living room into a competitive playground with different items around your home. Make it as easy or as difficult as you’d like, this is something you can even have your kids and partner participate in. You can even record your time and try to set a new record each time you participate. Have friends join in on the fun and see who can create the most fun or the most challenging obstacle course. Build one in your backyard on a nice day, don’t forget your water

Learn a Dance Routine -- Now is the perfect time to dance like no one’s watching. Switch things up and learn your favorite singer’s dance routine. Choose a routine that’s easy and fun or push yourself to learn a difficult dance routine. It’s okay if you don’t land every move but it’s a fun way to get up and move for the day.

Photo Blanket

Get in Tune with Yoga -- There are so many different approaches to yoga and you can get creative with the practice at home. Try out different stretch routines or become an expert and learn fun handstands and tricks. If you want to get extra creative, turn up the heat and try out hot yoga in your space. This is a fun activity you can do with your children or partner and friends. Grab your mats, photo blankets, and pillows to make the space extremely comfortable.

How have you been staying active at home? Share your favorite activities with us in the comments below.