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CanvasChamp Helping to Control the Coronavirus Pandemic

CanvasChamp Helping to Control the Coronavirus Pandemic
CanvasChamp Helping to Control the Coronavirus Pandemic

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 25 2020August, 19 2021Comment

In these emergency and global pandemic times, our priority is to ensure the safety and well being of our associates and customers. We are closely following preventive health measures and adhering to government guidance to tackle this pandemic. With utmost caution, we continue to evaluate the current scenario as it comes and making changes accordingly to our delivering dates as necessary.

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At CanvasChamp, we're committed to providing all sorts of precautions to our team members, customers, and communities. Coronavirus outbreak is a grave global concern, and we are working through every possible action in a way to minimize the risks to any individuals.

Our Commitment to Sanitation:

While correct hygiene and quality control have always been of paramount importance to us, we have taken additional measures as recommended by global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC) to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous:

We have implemented ongoing staff training and briefings to ensure adherence to public health authority guidance, as well as escalation procedures

We are conducting meticulous antibacterial cleaning of high touch surfaces such as various tools and printers, common areas and washrooms – held multiple times a day

We have reiterated our emphasis on hand hygiene, mandating frequent hand washing for all staff

We maintain a zero-tolerance sick policy for our employees across all CanvasChamp locations

What we're doing to protect our employees

Employees that work in our offices

We've set in motion a mandatory work from home policy for all employees of all the positions. Additionally, we've encouraged the staff to follow the set of guidelines presented by the WHO and CDC for their own health and safety.

Employees that work in sales and delivery

To ensure the safety of public health, we have suspended all in-person visits with our customers via the sales reps. Delivery is outsourced to various carriers who are following the strict hygiene guidelines. Sales reps and customer support remain available to assist customers by email, call, and live chat.

Workers at our production and warehouses

Our output of your photo products will remain open despite the pandemic, so the business can continue to operate. We are responsible for feeding hundreds of families of the people employed under us. Hence, we've taken a range of additional precautions to help ensure the safety of all the workers working in various production facilities.

First and foremost, the craftsmen who believe they are at risk themselves or have family members at-risk in their homes have been given paid leaves till further notice to avoid contamination. Additionally, all professionals who aren't feeling sound are being asked to either work from home or be safe and stay home until they are healthy.

For those specialists who are coming to work at a production house, we've implemented social distancing measures to reduce their risk of contamination:

Full-time professional cleaners Employees that work in our offices hired to deep clean our common areas continuingly.
Provide sanitizers and other disinfectants to all the workers at the station of their own workspaces.
We're alternating our shifts, break times, and lunchtimes to reduce close interactions, and practising social distancing via suspending all in-person meetings.
We've postponed all non-essential visitors to our sites and continue further to do so as well.
Focusing on cleaning out frequently the high-touch areas like tools, screens, door handles, light switches, etc.

How our customers are getting protected from us

Every precaution and preventive measure that we imbibe in the actions of our teams are benefitting our customers. Our production houses in India are following the WHO's guidelines counselling about handwashing, social distancing, and other sanitation policies. We also conduct business with many third-party vendors/partners who are a part of our supply chain. In essence, we believe they are also following all CDC guidelines applicable to their operations.

The CanvasChamp team remains steadfast in our mission to get their orders delivered on time. We are 100% committed to you and your requirements. You can contact us for any concerns, questions or queries at