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Acrylic Prints: A New Technology for Photo Decor

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 17 2018August, 20 2021Comment

People usually don’t mind showing off their photographs to other people. Most of the pictures that people have with them consist of their family members and friends. However, there are also other subjects that people have pictures of. These include landscapes, vacation snapshots, and pets. Once you develop your pictures, you are more likely to set them into various frames, and then display them into your homes in a way that rest of the people can see them clearly. Photos are often comforting and help you to remain surrounded with beautiful memories. When you are searching for change to décor your home with photo printing with some different way, Acrylic prints come as solution.

Acrylic Prints or Perspex Prints

Acrylic print, that is face mounted and is also known as Perspex print, is an amazing way to make the surrounding décor even more beautiful. These prints are able to exhibit your own personal touch to your home and make sure that your home remains full of colors and ends up looking extraordinarily personal and beautiful.


With the latest state of the art technology in acrylic paints, we can now fuse photos of individuals to clear acrylic to provide a sophisticated and unique look to pictures.  

In most of the cases, the photo displays will be set up on the flatter surfaces such as mantles, end tables, and desks. This extremely popular way for displaying pictures is easy to do and ends up looking amazing as well. Another popular method for photo display involves the hanging of pictures on the wall.

Colorful Feather picture on Acrylic

A wide range of triptych panel art, photo blocks, photo plaques, and mounted wall art is now available in various stores that allow an individual to display their favorite pictures in numerous settings. Additionally, custom sizes for these varieties are also available to make sure that you are able to get exactly what you desire and creatively fill however much space you have inside of your home.

Acrylic prints also make for amazing gifts

Acrylic prints also make for amazing gifts to give to other people, and they will be amazing by just how vibrant the results turn out to be. The end look will definitely be one that is contemporary and sleek. These also help in adding a great personal touch to homes and make sure that your home décor ends up looking simply splendid.

newborn baby photo acrylic print

Hence, acrylic prints are a great choice in today’s world since no frame will be required, and this will make the displayed photo all the more appealing with the help of adding further dimension and depth.

So, what are you waiting for? Get acrylic prints today! If you have any further questions, then you can simply get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to cater to all your needs and make sure that you are able to decorate your home just the way you want.