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5 Reasons Why Custom Wall Art Is Better Than Store Bought Wall Art

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 17 2018August, 20 2021Comment

Custom wall art is, in most of the cases, a lot better than store bought wall art. This is due to the fact that a lot of your heart and soul goes into making the customer wall art, which happens to be more in line with your personality and wants. Here are the top 5 reasons that create custom wall art is way better than store bought wall art:

Personalized couple's photograph on canvas

1. Everyone has far more options

Wall art displayed in the store will not necessarily appeal to everyone, and in most of the situations, there would be something or the other that you would wish to change on the art that you witness. However, when it comes to custom wall art, you have the ability to create something that is unique to you and mix and match different ideas that you have in mind. This gives you far more options to go with instead of being stuck with the store wall art.  

Choose Hardware Option and Style

Choose Hardware Option & Style:

  • Hooks for Hanging
  • Sawtooth Hanger
  • Easel Back

2. Customization helps in bringing uniqueness

When it comes to wall art bought from the store, there is a huge chance that someone else might be using the same piece as you. However, when you come up with wall art yourself, you add an element of uniqueness to it. It also saves you the hassle of hoping that you will find exactly what you are looking for at the store, the chances of which are very minimal.

Select Border Option
select frames options
  • Frames Options
  • Brown Golden
  • Golden
  • Brown
  • Black

3. Your Unique Personality Can Shine

Your home should ideally include everything that defines your personality in the best of manner. With custom wall art, you can add exactly that into your home; thus, maximizing its overall value in your eyes. You can have exactly the size, colour, finish, and pattern that you want and that appeals to you in the best possible manner. You will also have complete control over your wall art this way.  

Optional Color Finishing

Optional Color Finishing

  • Original
  • Sepia
  • Black and White
Beautiful girl's Pixel Painting on canvas
  • Pixel Painting

4. You have a control over the budget

In most of the cases, the wall art available in the stores will be beyond your set or stated budget. This is due to costs such as overhead fees and artist costs that make this art exceptionally pricey. However, when it comes to custom wall art, many of these fees will not be included, and this would mean that your wall art would be all the more affordable for you.

5. You do not need to be an expert

When creating your own wall art, you do not have to be an expert. All you have to do is simply go with your instincts and apply your own likes into the craft.

This just goes to show how custom wall art will always be closer to your heart than store bought wall art. This is because; by creating it yourself, you will be instilling a lot more meaning into it.