50+ Personalized Gifts for Women's Day Trending Now

By CanvasChampFebruary, 21 2024

As International Women's Day approaches, the quest for the perfect gift to honor the incredible women in our lives gains momentum. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than with a thoughtful, personalized token of appreciation?  

CanvasChamp emerges as your go-to destination for customized gifts for women, offering a unique way to commemorate the day. From heartfelt photo prints to custom-crafted keepsakes, our range of women's day gifts captures the essence of gratitude and admiration, making every gift for International Women's Day truly unforgettable. 

With this blog, we cover a special custom Women’s Day Gift For each Woman in Your Life: 

  1. Women's day gifts for employees  
  2. Women's day gifts for wife  
  3. Women's day gifts for teachers 
  4. Women's day gifts for mom 
  5. Women's day gifts for daughters  
  6. Women's day gifts for girlfriend 
  7. Corporate Gift Ideas for Women's Day 2024 
  8. Small gift ideas for women's day 
  9. Women's Day Gift Ideas that Inspire 
  10. Personalized Women's Day Gift Hampers 

Let’s get started:  

1. Women's Day Gifts for Employees 

Elevate your appreciation this International Women's Day by choosing the best gifts for your female employees: personalized photo mugs or desk calendars. These items not only celebrate their unique contributions but also ensure they feel an integral and valued part of the team. Check out below: 

  • Personalized Tote Bags & Mouse Pads: Show appreciation for your employees with personalized tote bags for women and custom mouse pads. These items can be customized with motivational quotes or individual names, making them unique gifts for Women's Day. 


  • Photo Mugs & Heart Handle White Mugs: A photo mug or a heart handle white mug can be a delightful way to make your female employees feel valued. Personalize them with photos or messages that resonate with the theme of International Women's Day. 


Custom Table Mats & Chopping Boards: For the team members who love adding a personal touch to their workspace or home, custom table mats and personalized chopping boards are thoughtful gifts. 

2. Women's Day Gifts for Wife 

For the special woman in your life, we bring you a collection of the best gift for your wife on International Women's Day. These thoughtful gestures are bound to make her feel deeply loved and appreciated. Check out below: 

  • 3D Photo Lamp & Canvas Print: Illuminate her space with a 3D photo lamp customized with a memorable picture, alongside a beautiful canvas print of a moment cherished together. These are perfect as women's day gifts for your wife, adding a warm and personal touch to your home. 


  • Personalized Aprons for Women: Surprise your wife with this custom gift that captures a meaningful aspect of your relationship. Gift her a personalized apron if she enjoys cooking or baking, making it the best gift for Women's Day. 

3. Women's Day Gifts for Teachers 

Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping our futures, imparting knowledge, and inspiring us to achieve our full potential. This Women's Day, express your gratitude to the teachers in your life with gifts that are as meaningful as they are practical. From photo bookmarks to custom tech accessories and canvas tote bags, each gift idea listed below is designed to show appreciation and make their day-to-day lives a little brighter. 

  • Custom Wall Calendar: A custom wall calendar featuring inspirational quotes and photo bookmarks are practical and thoughtful gifts for teachers on Women's Day, helping them plan their days and mark their reads with a personal touch. 

  • Photo Bookmarks: A simple yet profoundly personal gift, photo bookmarks can be a constant reminder of appreciation for a teacher's dedication. Customize these bookmarks with inspirational quotes, images of favorite books, or even a class photo to make it a truly memorable women's day gift. It's a small token that can bring a big smile every time they open their books. 

  • Custom Power Bank: Teachers often rely on various tech tools to enhance their teaching methods, making a custom power bank a thoughtful and practical gift. Personalize it with their name, a meaningful quote, or a simple "Happy Women's Day" message to show your appreciation. This gift not only celebrates them but also supports their daily tech needs, ensuring they're never caught off guard by a low battery. 

  • Custom Pen Drive: In an era where digital resources are integral to education, a custom pen drive is another excellent gift idea for teachers. It's a useful tool for storing lesson plans, presentations, and educational materials. Customize the pen drive with a special message or their initials to make it a personalized women's day gift that combines utility with a personal touch. 

  • Canvas Tote Bags: Teachers often carry books, papers, and personal items between home and school, making a sturdy and stylish canvas tote bag an ideal gift. Opt for a bag that reflects their personality or interests, and consider adding a personalized element, such as their name, a subject they're passionate about, or a simple "Thank You" message. A canvas tote bag is not only practical but also a fashionable way for teachers to carry their essentials. 

4. Women's Day Gifts for Mom 

This Women's Day, celebrate the most important woman in your life with a gesture that speaks volumes. Dive into our selection of the best gifts for Women's Day, where each item promises to reflect the uniqueness and strength of your bond. From heartfelt to bespoke, find the perfect international women's day gift to show your mom just how much she means to you. 

  • Photo Boards: Celebrate your mom by turning a wall in her home into a gallery of memories with photo boards and wall murals. These gifts for Women's Day can transform her living space into a testament of cherished moments. 

  • Custom Photo Aprons: Custom Photo Aprons make a perfect women's day gift for moms who love to cook or bake. Personalize these aprons with a favorite family photo, a recipe written in a loved one's handwriting, or a sweet message. It's a wonderful way to add a personal touch to her daily cooking routine, making it the best gift for Women's Day. 
  • Custom Silver Mug: A Custom Silver Mug can start her day on a high note. Customize this elegant mug with a heartfelt message or a photo that brings joy. It's not just a mug; it's a daily reminder of love and appreciation, making it a meaningful gift for International Women's Day. 

  • Fridge Magnets: Fridge Magnets customized with family photos or memorable moments are delightful gifts for International Women's Day. They turn the fridge into a canvas of cherished memories, making them a simple yet impactful women's day gift that celebrates the family moments she treasures. 

  • Photo Wall Tiles: Photo Wall Tiles offer a modern and stylish way to display memories. Easy to attach and rearrange without damaging walls, these tiles can create a personalized gallery in her home. It's an innovative women's day gift idea that brings her favorite moments to life. 

  • Custom Cutting Boards: For the mom who finds joy in the kitchen, Custom Cutting Boards are both practical and personal. Engrave them with a special message, her name, or a family recipe. This customized gift for women who love to cook will be a cherished addition to her kitchen essentials. 

  • Custom Throw Pillows: Custom Throw Pillows can add a cozy and personalized touch to her home. Customize these pillows with photos, names, or messages that hold special meaning. It's a thoughtful and comfortable women's day gift that she can hug and cherish. 

  • Magic Sequin Pillow: Magic Sequin Pillows offer a fun and unique way to display photos or messages. With a simple swipe of the hand, the sequins reveal a hidden image or text, making it a magical and interactive women's day gift. Personalize it with a photo or a message that makes her smile every time she sees it. 

5. Women's Day Gifts for Daughters 

Your daughter deserves a Women's Day celebration that mirrors her spirit and aspirations. Explore our curated list of women's personalized gifts, designed to inspire and empower. Let this International Women's Day be a testament to her bright future with a gift that's as unique as her journey. 

  • Metal Prints & Poster Prints: For the artistic daughter, metal prints or poster prints of her favorite artworks or personal achievements can be inspiring gifts for Women's Day, celebrating her individuality and passions. 
  • Photo Puzzle 500 Piece: A Photo Puzzle 500 Piece is an engaging and personalized gift idea for your daughter on Women's Day. It offers a fun challenge and a unique way to relive a cherished memory or celebrate a special moment. It's a thoughtful way to show your love, making it a memorable women's day gift that combines fun with sentimentality. 
  • Photo Puzzle 1000 Piece: For daughters who love a good challenge, a Photo Puzzle 1000 Piece takes personalization a step further. Customize it with a favorite family photo, a landscape from a memorable trip, or an image that holds special significance to her. This puzzle is not just a gift but an experience, making it a perfect choice for women's day, offering hours of enjoyment and a beautiful picture to cherish at the end. 
  • Custom Flip Flops: Photo Flip Flops are a unique and fun gift for your daughter, perfect for the upcoming summer months. Personalize them with her favorite colors, patterns, or even photos to create something as unique and vibrant as she is. It's a wonderful way to add a personal touch to her casual wear, making it a great women's day gift idea.  
  • Custom Mugs: A Custom Mug is a classic personalized gift that can be tailored to your daughter's tastes. Whether it's adorned with inspirational quotes, a collage of family photos, or her own artwork, it's a daily reminder of your love and support. This makes for a perfect women's day gift, offering her a warm start to every morning.  
  • Emoji on Canvas: Emoji on Canvas is a modern and playful gift idea, perfect for a daughter who loves to express herself. Customize a canvas with her favorite emojis or create a story using a series of emojis that reflect her personality or an inside joke. It's a creative and personalized women's day gift that will surely bring a smile to her face. 
  • Pet Shaped Pillow: For daughters who adore their furry friends, a Pet Shaped Pillow is an incredibly thoughtful gift. These pillows can be customized to look like her pet, providing a cuddly and comforting reminder of her beloved animal. It's a unique and personalized gift for women's day that celebrates her love for her pet. 
  • Custom Bolster Pillow: A Custom Bolster Pillow is a fresh and trendy addition to your daughter's room decor. Customize it with images, text, or designs that match her personality or room theme. It's not only a comfortable accessory but also a personalized piece that adds a special touch to her space, making it a thoughtful women's day gift. 

Women's Day Gifts for Girlfriend 

Make International Women's Day unforgettable for your girlfriend with a token of your admiration from our exclusive collection. Browse through personalised gifts for women that are crafted to capture the essence of your relationship, ensuring she feels cherished and celebrated on this special day. 

  • Acrylic Clear Frames & Framed Prints: Acrylic clear frames or framed prints of special moments shared together can be romantic and personalized gifts for your girlfriend on Women's Day, showcasing your shared memories. 
  • Heart Handle Mug: A Heart Handle Mug is more than just a mug; it's a symbol of love. Personalize this charming mug with a favorite photo of the two of you or a message that speaks from the heart. It's an ideal women's day gift that serves as a daily reminder of your affection every time she enjoys her favorite beverage. 
  • HD Metal Prints: HD Metal Prints offer a modern and sophisticated way to preserve a cherished moment. Choose a high-definition photo that means a lot to both of you, and have it printed on metal for a sleek, vibrant finish. This women's day gift will not only add a touch of elegance to her space but also remind her of the special moments you share.  
  • Photo Engraved Plaques: Photo Engraved Plaques are a timeless women's day gift, perfect for immortalizing a significant moment or message. The photo and text are engraved on a high-quality plaque, creating a durable and elegant keepsake. It's a personalized and meaningful gift that she can cherish forever.  
  • Custom Neon Signs: Light up her world with a Custom Neon Sign. Whether it's a quote that resonates with her, her name, or a design that captures her essence, a neon sign is a unique and trendy women's day gift. It's perfect for adding a warm glow and a personal touch to her living space or bedroom. 
  • Motivational Wall Art: Inspire her every day with Motivational Wall Art. Choose a piece that features a quote or message that will motivate and uplift her. This thoughtful women's day gift idea is not just decor; it's a daily boost of inspiration and a reminder of her strength and potential. 
  • Heart Shaped Photo Collage - 40 Photos: Celebrate your relationship and the memories you've created together with a Heart Shaped Photo Collage. Using 40 photos, this personalized gift for women's day becomes a beautiful testament to your journey together. It's a romantic and heartfelt way to showcase your favorite moments, making it a perfect gift for your girlfriend on this special day. 

Corporate Gift Ideas for Women's Day 2024 

Acknowledging the contributions of women in the workplace is vital, and what better occasion than International Women's Day? Our selection of corporate gifts offers a range of ideas to honor their professionalism and dedication. Show appreciation with meaningful ladies' personalized gifts that resonate with the spirit of Women's Day. 

  • Company Logo Mugs: Company Logo Mugs are a classic yet effective gift choice that can be used daily. Personalize these mugs not just with the company logo but also include a message of appreciation specific to Women's Day. It's a practical gift that employees can use in the office or at home, reminding them of their valued place within the company. 
  • Photo Books: Create Photo Books that capture the year's highlights, milestones, and achievements of your female staff. This personalized gift for Women's Day can include photos from corporate events, team outings, and individual accomplishments. It's a thoughtful way to reflect on the year's successes and celebrate the women who contributed to those moments.  
  • Personalized Yoga Mat: For the health-conscious and wellness-oriented, a Personalized Yoga Mat can be a thoughtful and unique corporate gift. Customize each mat with the employee's name or a motivational quote along with the company logo. This gift shows the company's support for their well-being and personal growth, making it a fitting choice for Women's Day.  
  • Desk Calendars: Desk Calendars customized with motivational quotes, company milestones, and important dates serve as both a practical and inspirational gift. Personalize each month with a theme or message that celebrates empowerment and success, making it a useful and motivating gift for Women's Day. 
  • Custom Corporate Umbrellas: Custom Corporate Umbrellas are a practical and stylish gift, especially for those in regions prone to unpredictable weather. Customize these umbrellas with the company's colors and logo, and consider adding a line of encouragement or a Women's Day message on them. It's a gift that combines functionality with a touch of personalization, showcasing the company's care and appreciation for its employees. 

Small Gift Ideas for Women's Day 

Small gifts can carry big sentiments, especially when chosen with care and personalized for the recipient. For Women's Day, here are some delightful small gift ideas that are sure to bring joy and appreciation to the women in your life. Each of these gifts can be customized or chosen for their unique charm, making them perfect for celebrating the special day. 

  • Photo Bookmarks: Small yet thoughtful, photo bookmarks and metal ornaments personalized with messages or images can be delightful gifts for International Women's Day. 
  • Tea Mug: Celebrate International Women's Day with a Tea Mug personalized just for her. This isn't just any mug; it's a vessel of empowerment, perfect as a gift for Women's Day. Choose a design that resonates with the strength and beauty of womanhood or customize it with an inspirational quote, making it one of the best gifts for International Women's Day.  
  • Wall Stickers: Wall Stickers make for an innovative and personalized gift for women. Select designs that inspire and celebrate female empowerment or that can turn her space into a sanctuary of motivation. It's a unique way to honor her spirit this International Women's Day, making it a thoughtful and personalized gift.  
  • Custom Pet Magic Mug: A Custom Pet Magic Mug combines the joy of pet ownership with the magic of personalization, making it a wonderful gift idea for International Women's Day. This mug transforms with heat, unveiling a cherished pet photo, symbolizing the unconditional love and support women provide and receive, making it a heartwarming choice for women's personalized gifts.  
  • Photo Lamps: Illuminate her life with Photo Lamps, customized with memories or moments that celebrate her journey. This International Women's Day, gift her something that shines as brightly as she does, making it not just a lamp, but a beacon of her achievements and a personalized gift that stands out. 
  • Photo Coasters: Photo Coasters are a delightful way to keep her favorite memories close at hand. Customize these coasters with images that reflect her strength, joy, or the quiet moments that mean the world to her. It's a subtle yet meaningful way to commemorate International Women's Day, offering a personalized touch to her daily life. 
  • Photo Pillows: Photo Pillows serve as a soft reminder of the love and support surrounding her. Personalize a pillow with a message of empowerment or a photo that captures a moment of triumph. As a gift for Women's Day, it's a comforting and personalized gesture that celebrates her uniqueness. 
  • Work Hard Wall Arts: This small gift inspire and motivate, making them a perfect gift for International Women's Day. Choose artwork that echoes the themes of perseverance, achievement, and empowerment, reflecting the essence of the day. It's a way to acknowledge her efforts and to inspire continued success, making it an ideal choice for personalized gifts for women. 

Women's Day Gift Ideas that Inspire 

Inspiration comes in many forms, and on Women's Day, it's about celebrating the incredible women who inspire us daily. Our collection of international women's day gifts is filled with items that not only honor but also motivate the special women in your life. Choose from a variety of personalized gift ideas for women that are sure to uplift and inspire.     

  • Canvas Wall Display: Choose a canvas wall display or create a pop art piece inspired by the women you're honoring, making for a deeply personal and inspiring Women's Day gift. 
  • Panoramic Acrylic Prints: Capture the breadth of her achievements and the panoramic beauty of her dreams with Panoramic Acrylic Prints. This Women's Day, choose a gift that reflects her expansive vision and vibrant life, inviting her to gaze upon her horizon of possibilities. It's a sophisticated choice for someone who appreciates the depth of clarity and the art of living.  
  • Caricature Photo Stand: Inject a dose of joy and uniqueness into her Women's Day with a Caricature Photo Stand. This playful yet personalized gift brings a smile with its whimsical representation, celebrating her personality in a way that stands out. It's a perfect reminder for her desk or shelf that her essence is truly one-of-a-kind. 
  • Giclee Canvas Prints: For the woman with an eye for artistry and a heart for timeless moments, Giclee Canvas Prints are an ideal Women's Day gift. These prints offer unparalleled quality and detail, making them a thoughtful choice for showcasing cherished memories or inspiring landscapes. It's a gift that speaks volumes of your admiration for her refined tastes. 
  • Canvas Floater Frames: Elevate her favorite artworks or photographs with Canvas Floater Frames, a gift that encapsulates the beauty of depth and perspective. This Women's Day, present her with a gift that enhances her space and reminds her of the floating, boundless potential she carries within. It's an elegant choice for women who cherish art and the stories it tells. 

Personalized Women's Day Gift Hampers 

Create a personalized experience this Women's Day with gift hampers tailored to her interests and passions. Our range offers the best gifts for International Women's Day, allowing you to compile a selection of items that celebrate her uniqueness. A bespoke hamper can be the perfect way to acknowledge her contributions and achievements on this significant day. 

Combination of Gifts: Create personalized gift hampers that include a mix of items such as a custom mouse pad, photo mug, and a personalized apron for women, catering to different interests and making it the best gift for Women's Day. 

Customized Gifts for Women & Corporate Hampers: Create personalized corporate hampers filled with items like umbrellas, custom tote bags, and other photo gifts for women like mugs, tea mugs, diary, calendars, showcasing appreciation for female colleagues and clients. 

Bulk Gifting for International Women's Day Made Easy: 

As International Women's Day approaches, leveraging the occasion for business gifting becomes an impactful way to honor the women who contribute significantly to your workplace. CanvasChamp specializes in personalized products that are perfect for bulk orders, offering a unique blend of thoughtfulness and customization. Here’s how you can make the most of CanvasChamp’s offerings for this special day: 

Benefits of Bulk Purchasing from CanvasChamp for International Women's Day: 

Personalized Touch: CanvasChamp’s array of customizable products allows you to add a personal touch to your gifts, ensuring each woman feels individually appreciated. 

Uniformity with Creativity: Even in bulk orders, each product can be personalized, allowing for uniformity in your gifts while still catering to the individual tastes and preferences of the recipients. 

Cost-Effective: Ordering in bulk with CanvasChamp is not only convenient but also cost-effective, allowing your business to express its gratitude and recognition in a meaningful way without compromising on budget. 

Enhances Corporate Image: Showcasing your commitment to recognizing the achievements and contributions of women enhances your brand's image as an inclusive and supportive organization. 

CanvasChamp Products Ideal for Women's Day Gifting in Bulk: 

  • Custom Mugs: Personalize with inspirational quotes, names, or photos making each sip a reminder of your appreciation. 
  • Photo Books: Compile company events or individual achievements in beautifully crafted photo books, offering a tangible walk down memory lane. 
  • Canvas Prints: Turn meaningful photographs into art that can decorate their workspace or home, making every glance a reminder of a special moment or achievement. 
  • Personalized Calendars: Feature important company dates, motivational quotes, or team photos for a gift that combines utility with sentiment. 

Order Women's Day Gifts Early with Special Sale – No Delayed Shipping  

To ensure your thoughtful gifts arrive in time for International Women's Day, we encourage you to take advantage of CanvasChamp's Women's Day Sale. By ordering early, you not only benefit from exclusive discounts but also guarantee that your personalized gifts will reach their destinations across the USA without the worry of late delivery.  

This proactive approach not only reflects your thoughtful planning but also ensures that each woman in your circle feels celebrated on this special day, with no exceptions. 

Let CanvasChamp help you make International Women's Day a seamless and memorable celebration of the incredible women in your professional and personal life. 


In wrapping up our guide to "50+ Personalized Gifts for Women's Day Trending Now," we've traversed a diverse landscape of heartfelt and customized options. From intimate keepsakes like photo mugs and acrylic prints to inspiring pieces such as motivational wall art and personalized hampers, this collection is designed to celebrate the extraordinary women in our lives.  

Each gift idea underscores the essence of International Women's Day—appreciation, recognition, and empowerment. As the day dedicated to honoring women worldwide draws near, these trending personalized gifts stand ready to express your deep admiration and gratitude, ensuring every woman feels valued and celebrated for her unique contributions and individuality.