70 + Custom Mother's Day Gifts Ideas Guide 2023

By CanvasChampApril, 11 2023

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and the time to shop for the perfect gift is now! Mother's Day is the ideal time to show your mom how much you appreciate all she does.  

Moms do everything from cooking breakfast to chauffeuring the kids to soccer practice. So, giving her a special gift is a fantastic way to show appreciation. With CanvasChamp, you can create a personalized gift that is sure to put a smile on her face.  

Our Mother's Day gift guide has something for everyone, from the tech-savvy mom to the traditionalist. So, we have you covered whether you are looking for a personalized canvas print, a custom photo mug, or something else.  

Let us help you find the perfect Mother's Day photo gifts for your mom and make her day extra special!  


Personalized Mother's Day Gifts Under $5

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mom or motherly figure how much you love and appreciate them. However, if you are looking to shop on a budget, Mother's Day shopping may cause you some stress. Not with CanvasChamp! The following gifts are under $5, so you can spoil your mom without breaking the bank 

  • Photo Prints

First on this list is a classic photo print and perfect photo gifts for mom. It is a classic, sentimental gift idea for Mom that she will adore. Choose your favorite memories with her, order high-quality photo prints, and put them in a nice frame so she can display them nicely!

  • Single Canvas Prints

Another fantastic idea is to give Mom a museum-quality, single canvas print. Then, depending on her personality, whether with a cherished photo, artwork, or something else entirely, there are endless ways to personalize this. A single canvas print is a perfect size for anywhere Mom wants to highlight her new wall décor.

  • Mini Canvas Prints

If Mom wants to create a gallery wall, that is a lovely Mother's Day gift idea! You can easily make this by personalizing mini canvas prints for her. Upload family portraits, artwork, or anything else that reflects your mom's personality.

  • Hanging Canvas Prints

If Mom loves a farmhouse design or a rustic look, a hanging canvas print is a great gift idea for her. It is the perfect size to fill any empty wall space! Plus, a hanging canvas wall print is incredibly eye-catching when combined with an image that reminds you of her. 

  • Quotes on Canvas

Everyone loves a quote that resonates with them and where they are in life, and Moms are not any different! Surprise Mom with a high-quality canvas print featuring a quote on canvas you think she will love. The possibilities are endless, from song lyrics to selections from her favorite celebrities 

  • Emoji Art Print on Canvas

If your mom loves emojis, then an emoji art print on canvas is right up her alley. There is an entire gallery of emojis to browse and choose from. Select the one that fits your mom's personality best and prepare for her reaction to this fun Mother's Day!

  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Next on our list is the stunning, gallery-wrapped canvas. This is perfect for Mom if she is looking for a stylish alternative to classic framed art prints. Customize them with an image that she will love, and you have a fantastic Mother’s Day gift!  

  • Famous Paintings on Canvas

If your mom is an avid art lover, this next gift idea is for her! Browse artwork from famous artists and select one you think will speak to your mom. There are many incredible artist's paintings on canvas, from the stunning Leonardo Davinci to Vincent Van Gogh. 

  • Instagram Photos on Canvas

Do you have many great photos on your Instagram, some you know your mom would love to have as a Mother's Day gift? Well, you are in luck! CanvasChamp offers the option to print Instagram photos on canvas in high quality. So, choose your favorites and surprise Mom with them on this special day. 

  • Facebook Photos on Canvas

Similarly, if you have a collection of family photos and memories on Facebook, you can print them easily with CanvasChamp. Mom will love having these digital facebook photos on canvas in physical form. Select a few for her and order them today to arrive in time for Mother's Day! 

  • Poster Prints

If your mom has a large blank wall in her home or office, then a poster print is a terrific Mother’s Day gift idea. Upload a family photo on a custom poster, band image, movie poster, or her favorite artwork to personalize this gift for her. The possibilities are truly endless with this custom gift.

  • Photo Calendar

Moms must be organized to stay on top of everything. There is so much for moms to do, from kids' extracurricular activities to appointments. A custom photo calendar is a great asset to keep her organized and allows her to highlight family photos each month!

  • Photo Wall Tiles

Does your mom have a quirky sense of style? Photo wall tiles are a terrific gift for anyone who wants to play with home décor and create a one-of-a-kind gallery wall. There are several shapes to choose from, including squares, hexagons, and circles. 

  • Custom Bookmark

If your mom is an avid reader, a custom bookmark is a great Mother's Day gift idea. Customize them with her favorite book quotes, artwork, or family photos. It is a convenient gift for any bookworm

  • Custom Luggage Tags

If your mom loves to travel or is on the go for work, she will appreciate this next gift idea. A custom luggage tag is a practical gift that can be personalized to fit her style to a tee. From choosing her favorite color to adding text and images, you can make a unique masterpiece for Mom.


Best Custom Mother's Day Gifts Under $10

If you have a bit of a larger budget, then check out these Mother’s Day gift ideas. All these custom gifts are under $10 each, so they are still very affordable and easy to personalize for your mom.

  • Canvas Photo Collage

A Mother’s Day canvas photo collage from CanvasChamp is the perfect way to show appreciation for the remarkable woman in your life. CanvasChamp offers assorted options for creating a unique and personalized collage to show your mom how much she means to you. You can easily customize your collage with multiple sizes, shapes, and designs to make it extra unique. Whether your mom is a fan of traditional photo collages or modern creations, CanvasChamp has something for everyone. 

  • Photo Mosaic on Canvas

A photo mosaic is a creative way to display multiple photos in one. With CanvasChamp, you can choose from various templates and personalize the photo mosaic with up to 30 of your favorite pictures. So, whether you decide to feature photos of your mom and family or fill them with favorite memories and moments, your mom will treasure this one-of-a-kind gift for years. Our photo mosaics are printed on high-quality canvas and include an easy-to-hang, gallery-wrapped frame. 

  • Split Canvas Prints

Split canvas prints are a unique way to turn your favorite photo into a stunning piece of art. Upload your chosen image and select the number of panels you want to use to create your masterpiece. We offer a variety of sizes and layouts to choose from, so you can make the perfect look for your photo. For example, create an image of your mom and her family, or why not choose a photo of her with her children or grandchildren and turn it into a multi-panel work of art?  

  • Lyrics on Canvas

Turn words into a stunning, personalized piece of art for your special mom, whether it is a song she loves or a meaningful quote she cherishes, you can print lyrics on canvas. CanvasChamp prints come in assorted sizes and styles, so you can choose the perfect one to fit your mom's style and decor. In addition, you can customize your canvas with multiple colors, fonts, and images to make it unique.

  • Custom Metal Prints

Metal prints from CanvasChamp are easy to create and arrive ready-to-hang. With vibrant colors that will not fade over time, your metal print will be a lasting reminder of your love. Plus, the metal prints are scratch-resistant and waterproof, making them the perfect choice for lasting beauty.

  • Table Placemat

A table placemat from CanvasChamp is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, as it is unique and thoughtful. With CanvasChamp, you can customize your placemat with your chosen photograph, artwork, or text. This allows you to create a one-of-a-kind placemat that will surely bring a smile to your mother’s face. The placemat is made from high-quality materials, ensuring it is both long-lasting and durable. 

  • Photo Mousepad

CanvasChamp photo mousepads are the perfect way to show Mom how much you care. With our easy-to-use online design tool, you can quickly and easily create a unique and special gift for your mom. Upload her favorite photo and add a beautiful background, text, and design to make it utterly unique.

  • Photo Coaster

Photo coasters are made from high-quality materials and feature a unique design that can be customized with your photos. You can choose from various images, from those of you and your mom together to your mom's favorite scenery. In addition, you can add custom text to make the coaster unique and special. 

  • Desk Calendar

A desk calendar is a great Mother's Day gift for working moms. It will not only help her keep track of project due dates and appointments, but it will also add a personal touch to her workspace! Customize it with family photos and her favorite quotes to keep her inspired as she does her day-to-day tasks.

  • Acrylic Photo Block

This Mother's Day, show your mom how much you appreciate her with a beautiful, custom acrylic photo block from CanvasChamp! Our acrylic photo blocks are a unique and modern way to display your favorite photos and make an impression. Our acrylic photo blocks are made with premium quality acrylic and come in assorted sizes, from 3x3 to 12x12 inches. With our easy-to-use online design tool, you can create a custom gift that is sure to wow. 

  • Fridge Photo Magnet

CanvasChamp's fridge photo magnets are perfect for Mother's Day. They are made with high-quality, durable material and are designed to last. They come in various shapes and sizes, and you can personalize them with photos of your favorite memories with Mom. Plus, they are great for adding a personal touch to any kitchen. 

  • Light Switch Panel

Custom light switch plates are perfect for adding a personal touch to your mom's home. You can choose from assorted designs and colors to create a unique gift for your mom. Whether you choose a classic design or something more modern, you will find something that will make your mom smile. You also have the option to add an individualized touch to the light switch plates by uploading a photo or artwork. For example, you can add a picture of you and your mom to create a sentimental gift or upload a piece of artwork she loves. Either way, your custom light switch plates will be a hit on Mother's Day.  

  • Photo Mug

Wow your mom this Mother's Day with a custom photo mug. The mugs are made from sturdy ceramic and feature a glossy finish. They're also dishwasher and microwave safe, so your mom can enjoy her coffee or tea with a smile. The mugs have a capacity of 11 ounces, making them ideal for either hot or cold drinks 

  • Throw Pillow

Are you seeking a special gift for your mother this Mother's Day? Choose something that she can treasure and enjoy for a lifetime! Throw pillows from CanvasChamp make an excellent choice for a Mother's Day gift showing her how much you care. They are perfect for snuggling up while reading a book, watching TV, or napping! 

  • Custom Pillowcase

Is your mom looking to refresh her favorite throw pillow? Treat her to a custom pillowcase this Mother's Day! Then, personalize it however you see fit, whether with a treasured picture, favorite meme, celebrity, quote, or artwork 

  • Photo Puzzle

You can craft a unique gift that will make Mom smile this Mother's Day with a custom photo puzzle. She will love how you combine her favorite family memories with a beautiful puzzle that she can proudly display. Whether it is a photo of her grandkids, a picture of her favorite place, or a favorite family moment, she will be sure to appreciate the thought and effort that went into creating this special gift. 

  • Photo Books or Albums

Show mom how much you care with a custom photo book! Fill its pages with her most precious memories, whether family vacations, reunions, or holidays. Your mom will love to be able to look at these treasured pictures whenever she wishes.

  • Custom Umbrella

Our custom umbrellas are adorned with a photo of your choice, creating a unique gift that will keep Mom dry when the rain starts to pour. Plus, Mom will love the bonus of a personalized photo umbrella that will make her feel like the queen of the street! CanvasChamp umbrellas will ensure Mom stays dry and stylish regardless of the weather.

  • Custom Playing Cards

Make mom's next game night even more memorable with custom playing cards. You can make your own unique set of cards with her favorite photos and memories and choose from diverse designs that will make the perfect gift for your mom. So, whether she loves to play games or loves a delightful surprise, these playing cards will make her smile. 


Personalized Gifts for Mom Under $15

We have even more gift ideas! Check out these unique ones your mom is guaranteed to love, all under $15. From rustic wood prints to fun color-changing mugs, many options will not break the bank! Let’s go shopping!

  • Wood Prints

Wood prints are a fantastic way to display your favorite photos. Whether it is a picture of you and your mom, your mom and her grandchildren, or a special memory you have of her, custom wood prints will make a beautiful keepsake for your mom. Their high-quality printing process ensures that the colors in your photos will remain vibrant, and the wood grain and texture will bring a unique warmth to your prints. 

  • Photo Lamps

From modern and chic to classic and timeless, you are sure to find the perfect photo lamp to light up her home and her heart. The lamp is made with a premium-quality canvas print, so it will last for years to come. You can choose your favorite photo of you and your mom together, a family portrait, or even a photo of her favorite pet. 

  • Custom Moon Lamps

Moon lamps are made from durable plastic and come in a variety of sizes and colors. The 3D printing technology used to make the lamps ensures that your photos and designs are printed in the highest quality custom moon lamps, making them an utterly unique and personal gift. The soft, adjustable light makes it great for setting a relaxing mood, and the moon shape adds a touch of whimsy and charm. 

  • Custom Mobile Stand

CanvasChamp custom mobile phone stands are a unique and affordable way to give your mother a present she can use and appreciate every day. These stands feature a sturdy base and a beautiful print of your choice. Choose from a variety of templates or upload your image to make your gift extra special mobile stand. Not only does this make a great gift, but it also serves as a convenient way to organize your mom's desk or nightstand. 

  • Spotify Song Plaque

If your mom is a music lover, this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her! CanvasChamp’s custom Spotify song plaques are easy to customize and make a unique, heartfelt gift. Just choose your mom’s favorite song from the vast selection of music available on Spotify. 

  • Color Changing Mug

Made with high-quality ceramic, this mug features an exceptional design that reveals a hidden image when filled with hot liquid. When cold, the mug appears elegant and sophisticated black, but when heated, the mug reveals a colorful picture or design of your choice. This color changing magic mug makes the perfect gift for Mom as it is both practical and meaningful! 

  • Sequin Magic Pillow

This unique pillow is an eye-catching and stylish way to add a touch of sparkle and personality to any room. The pillow is made from a reversible sequin material that changes color with a simple swipe of your hand. When your mom flips the sequin pillow, a beautiful image of her choice will be revealed. Whether it’s a photo of your family, a favorite pet, or a special memory, she will love having a special keepsake to display in her home.  

  • Custom Wall Clock

Your mom will love having a personalized wall clock from CanvasChamp to display in her home. She can customize it with her favorite photos, quotes, or artwork to make it truly special. You can also add a special message to honor your mom and let her know how much she means to you. 

  • Photo Diary

This custom diary is perfect for Mom to keep her important family moments and stories in one place. It’s also a fantastic way to show off her favorite photos and artwork. The diary is made with a high-quality hardcover, giving it a luxurious look and feel. The interior pages are made of premium-quality paper, ensuring that your photos and memories will look great for years to come.  


Personalized Gifts for Mother’s Day Under $20

Haven't entirely found what you are looking for yet? We will help you find the perfect gift for Mom at CanvasChamp! Browse the following custom gift ideas for mom, all under $20.

  • Pop Art on Canvas

On the hunt for something out of this world for Mom on Mother’s Day? Check out pop art canvases! These bright and colorful pieces of art will surely bring a smile to your mum’s face. You can personalize the artwork to include a favorite photo of you and your mom or a special message. There are from bold and colorful abstract designs to delicate and detailed prints.  

  • Panoramic Canvas Prints

Our panoramic canvases are created using high-quality inks and canvas materials to ensure a stunning and long-lasting result. With our easy-to-use online design tools, you can create unique and personalized panoramic canvas prints that will look beautiful in any home or office. This is great for any mom who loves unique home décor! 

  • Hexagon Canvas Prints

Hexagon canvas prints are printed using the highest quality materials, so you can be sure your mom will treasure them for years. From family photos to sentimental sayings, the possibilities are endless when designing one for your mom. Our hexagon canvas prints come ready to hang, and with our award-winning customer service, you can be sure they will arrive in perfect condition. 

  • Large Canvas Prints

Large canvas prints make a heartfelt, memorable gift that your mom will cherish for years. Whether she loves to display family photos, artwork, or her favorite quotes, CanvasChamp’s large canvas prints give her the perfect way to highlight her memories. CanvasChamp’s large canvas prints are made with superior-quality materials and artistry