Three Cute Ways To Share Baby News

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 25 2020

There’s no news like good news, and it can hardly get better than announcing a precious bundle of joy is on its way. We all want our important milestones in life to get the attention they rightly deserve, and in this age of social networks, it can sometimes feel like our voices are lost in the white noise of the next big thing. Whether it’s a simple Facebook post or a full-blown extravaganza, CanvasChamp has just the thing to help you create a personalized experience while sharing your delightful secret with the people you love.

Pregnancy Announcement

For some new parents, it doesn’t become real until the news has been broadcast to the world (or at least your little part of it). Here a few ideas that might help you express yourself while you take that first big step as a new parent-to-be:

Pregnancy announcements don’t always need all the fanfare of a photo shoot. Go minimal: Use your sonogram or ultrasound photos to create a personalized photo calendar and circle the due date in red. The image speaks for itself and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes the best way to share your big news is to use the element of surprise. Hop over to Instagram or Pinterest for some great announcement photo ideas and snap a pic that best suits your taste, or schedule a photographer to help. Create a custom photo puzzle featuring the photo and the due date to bring along to your next friend or family get-together. Anticipation will build while the puzzle is being pieced together, and your loved ones will be all the more surprised by your news as it comes together slowly before their eyes!

Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are all about the element of surprise, so why not use a Magic Mug to unveil the big mystery: is it a boy or girl? A staged photo with gendered items works best here, especially when it’s tailored to suit the inclinations of the person you’re sharing it with. Surprise your spouse, a future grandparent, or other loved one by filling up the opaque black mug with hot water and watching as the color-sensitive ink turns transparent to show your photo. Cake and balloon reveals are great and all, but this way the mug can remain a keepsake that will be cherished forever.

Baby Shower

Baby shower gifts can often be hit or miss. Even extremely useful or thoughtful presents sometimes don’t continue to serve their purpose after the baby hits toddlerhood. Ditch the baby shoes and order a customized baby blanket instead. CanvasChamp offers three different varieties of Photo Blankets to best serve your climate and sensibilities: Fleece, Fleece Sherpa, or Woven Blankets.

For the dedicated nesters, a personalized canvas to hang over the crib will have soon-to-be parents gushing in their thank you card. With Lyrics on Canvas, a line from a beloved children’s book or lullaby becomes the perfect artwork to brighten up a new nursery. Scour Pinterest for some great quotes that will have new mothers and fathers tearing up every time they see it (Hint: A.A. Milne, author of Winnie-the-Pooh, has some especially adorable lines).

Right from the beginning, CanvasChamp offers the perfect photo products for new parents.