Creative Wall Art Ideas for Blank Walls in Your Home

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 24 2021

Staring at blank walls is no longer an option. If you haven’t incorporated wall art into your home decor, now is the time and the options are endless. 

Create captivating gallery walls or fun DIY art pieces that bring your space to life and complement your existing decor. If you’re not sure where to start or need a burst of inspiration for wall art, check out these fun and classic ideas.

We’ve got plenty of wall art ideas, some that are popular and others that you didn’t know existed. The best part of decorating is that you can step outside of the lines and create your own world with pops of color and your own photos.


Give each room in your home a different vibe with these different types of wall art.

1. Add Some Personality

What’s one thing the walls in your space are missing? Personality and pizzaz! What better way to create an iconic moment in your home than by adding a hexagon arrangement that features some of your favourite photos? Showcase your favorite travel memories, your favorite people and loved ones, or pictures of nature in hexagon-shaped frames that connect on each corner. 

2. Spruce Up a Hallway

Since many hallways and stairways don’t allow room for much furniture, or any, adding wall art in these spaces is a great way to add personality to your home. 

In these spaces, fun decor items like bus scrolls and posters would be a great addition. Display your favourite quotes or places to travel on custom scroll posters and canvas prints. Add additional prints that showcase pops of color or even animal print to create a gallery wall in your home. 

3. Create a Fun Scene

Who says wall art can’t be fun? Create a museum-like effect in your bedroom, living room, or dining room space with a mix of images for your wall art. Print out your pictures and frame them in mosaic canvas prints for a gallery-wall look in your home. 

Add splashes of vibrant colors or subtle colors that match your existing decor. These types of wall art go great on large walls in living rooms or dining rooms. Bring spaces to life where people constantly gather and enjoy one another’s company.

4. Create Something New from Something Old

Put a modern twist on the traditional canvas print for your home space. 

A flip on the typical gallery wall? A gallery wall of innovative metal prints is sure to breathe life into your space. 

Take your favorite pictures and photo memories and have them printed on durable aluminium canvas sheets. Give your space a refresh with images clustered together on simple yet eclectic sheets.  

5. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, less is more and that’s exactly why framed acrylic prints can be the beaming touch to your walls you didn’t know you needed. Add some depth to your space decor and watch your images light up in natural sunlight as well as with the light fixtures in your home. 

What are you waiting for? Start transforming your blank walls into works of art with these creative ideas.