What is a Photo Canvas?

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 19 2018

Canvas Prints means digital photos/images that are printed on Canvas ( made up generally of a mixture of polyester and cotton ) and then usually stretched on frames and then hung on walls.

Having Photos on Canvas used to be an indulgence of the rich in the past where they would pose and have artist manually paint their headshots and photos onto Canvas. Technology has come a long way since. Now you can upload your digital photos on websites such as CanvasChamp.com and turn your photos onto Canvas.


The digital Photos once received are edited by a team of designers to make sure the lighting is correct. The photos are then printed on the Canvas using machines like HP Latex. The latex inks ensure exact duplication of the photo onto the Canvas with renewed vibrancy.

These prints are carefully laminated with a clear varnish to ensure their longevity. Once the prints ready, The frame needs to be manufactured.

The Frame is made up of Pine Wood. They are cut at 45 degrees and joined at the edges. After that, A hardboard is added onto the frame. The Canvas fabric is then stretched over the frames and the edges are stapled at the back of the Canvas to hold it in place.

The piece is then finished off by adding hooks at the back fo the frame.


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