Three Considerable Aspects of Acrylic Prints Vs. Canvas Prints

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 8 2014

If you are planning to redecorate your home and are looking for options with various objects that could display your favorite photos in the guest room for everyone to admire, you have surely wondered the difference between acrylic prints and canvas prints. If you know about the materials and the products used in their manufacture, you will have a good idea about the differences and the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.  Let’s start by knowing about the acrylic prints…

Acrylic Prints

These are also known by other names like acrylic face or photo mount and often referred by Plexiglas, Lucite or Perspex which are the different brand names of the traditional acrylic. There is a unique process involved in creating an acrylic print.

There are basically two processes involved- direct printing on the material and the other is printing on the paper and then face mounting to the acrylic. These two distinct processes make the acrylic print look different in different ways. The acrylic is then adhered with 1/8- ¼” acrylic in front of the print.

The face mount process is more difficult as well as expensive, but well worth the money and effort as it will surely stand out. The face mount offers more color pop and vibrancy. There are two reasons why the face mount is better- one the colors are nicely printed on high-quality paper and the mount takes advantage of the reflective quality of the acrylic, which has an unusual property of keeping the beam of light reflected within the surfaces.

This creates a very unique effect. It gives very nice color vibrancy and a 3-D effect. This is the only display technique which can match an acrylic face mount and hence it is quickly growing in popularity among professional photographers.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are the first one of its kind prints that has been used since the longest time. In the recent times canvas prints are created with dye sublimation or inkjet printers commonly known as Giclee. This creates a classy old fashioned look which is the best if you want to display this art in your living room or your study.

This type of printing is much cheaper than the traditional one with the framing and photo mounting. The canvas image is wrapped around the frame while creating a frame less piece. While you won’t get the vibrancy and resolution with canvas, it will give a nice look depends on the image. It will look very nice even with a solid color on the side.

Let’s compare various features of the canvas print Vs. the acrylic prints


Acrylic is the better choice in this regards as both printing directly and face mount can be made with these. They also provide UV protection and moisture protection as well. Canvas wraps also provide protection, though not as much as the acrylic ones. You can get a post print varnish done which helps you protect against moisture. Canvas has the advantage of being light so collateral damage is minimized.


While acrylic provides a sleek, modern and vibrant look, canvas prints provide a classier look. With custom canvas prints you can get a grainy look and old fashioned one while acrylic gives a sharp and modern look. Acrylic also gives a reflective property that provides a near 3-D look.


Canvas is a great option if you want something that comes well in your budget. It will generally cost about 50% less that the acrylic ones and will get you the best deal. The acrylic sheets ones are the pricey ones though the money you spend on them will be worth the extra cost.