St. Patrick’s Day Parties Made Simple

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 16 2020

St Patrick’s Day party planning got you in knots of the Celtic kind? Devising a memorable event is not as tricky as finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The best parties are both visually and intellectually unique. Bring your Irish festival together with the following suggestions.

Set the Scene

Memorable parties are all about the set decoration. Rather than loading up on crepe paper streamers and balloons, consider using more refined solutions. Custom Canvas Banners and Bus Rolls create party-themed accents that are elegant enough to leave on your walls all year round.

Start at the entrance with a welcoming banner. A Canvas Banner is a sturdy solution that is simple to hang and ready to use year-after-year! An excellent choice for a St. Patrick’s Day party is a rainbow with a pot of gold with the saying, ’Tis better by far at the rainbow’s end to find, not a pot of gold, but the heart of a friend (unknown author).

Keep the festive spirit going with custom Bus Rolls. Longer than they are wide, a framed Bus Roll can be used for listing out locales (as in the stops on a bus route). Use cities or counties in Ireland for a traditional look. Or create a modern but classic piece of art by adding a traditional blessing.

Whether serving green beer, Guinness, or Irish coffee, Photo Coasters are a magical way to incorporate a small bit of Irish spirit into your celebration. Customize coasters with sayings, lucky symbols, and gold coins to bring a portable bit of Irish to every surface. As an additional decorative element, arrange green-edged, heart-shaped coasters in shamrocks on your tabletops.

Play the Game

When the initial excitement starts to lull, consider pulling out a game to liven things back up. Rather than the same old board games, your party décor can do double duty to put the fun back into the night. Using Kids Custom Photo Puzzles, create a puzzle by uploading a party-themed image. Then choose to break it up into 6, 16, 25, or 48 pieces. Remember that entryway? Set up a “pot of gold” and have each guest pick one puzzle piece out of the pot as they arrive. Later, get your guests together and have them assemble the puzzle one piece at a time. The person who guesses the final image first becomes the winner. For even more action, use two puzzles and have teams compete against each other in a race to the finish!

Multitask with your coasters and use them to draw door prizes! Create a set of round coasters featuring gold coins but mark a coin with a tiny shamrock or horseshoe in the design. Whoever has that coaster wins! For a sneaky cleanup routine, have everyone bring their coasters to you for inspection at the party’s end!

Capture the Moment

What is easier than catching a leprechaun? Capturing a fetching photo! Encourage your guests to create Instagram-worthy images by setting up a selfie station! Provide a variety of props to help guests unleash their inner Irish. For a perfect backdrop, create a Poster Print featuring an Irish Flag, St. Patrick’s Day image, or Irish saying. Whether framed, mounted on foam board, or alone, poster prints give you the flexibility of creating wall art on a budget.

Whether you are Irish or just Irish at heart, CanvasChamp offers options that make it simple to put on a St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Try your luck at one of the following links to get your party on track! Sláinte! (Cheers!)