Split Canvas Prints: Single Image,Multiple Payoff

By CanvasChamp TeamJanuary, 17 2019

Love the idea of a display piece, but your photo of choice has elements that get lost withina traditional single canvas prints? Transform your wall into a creative display with split canvas prints. Our split canvas prints differ from our wall displays in that they use a single image to create a cohesive grouping. That gives you a variety of creative options to enhance an already unique photo gift idea.

Establishing a Focal Point

The ability to highlight a single focal point in a photo is where split canvas prints shine.Use the spaces between your canvases as framing for the essential features in your image.For example, you’ve taken a photo of your loved ones with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.To get everything in the shot, the people get a bit lost in the lower part of the image.A multipanel split highlights your loved ones without losing any of that gorgeous vista.

You can also use panels to guide a viewer’s eye.When converting a portrait photo of a bride and groom against a background of trees, a four-panel split containing equal sized pieces can focus on the faces of the bride and groom in one panel. As the trees and the lower half of the bodies do not hold as much interest as the faces, the remaining three canvases subtly point the eye back to where the action is.When viewed at a distance, the entire group coalesces back into a single statement.

Creating Depth

A panoramic photograph of a stunning landscape or city skyline makes for an outstanding split canvas display piece and a fantastic photo gift. Take it one step further by dividing that same image into a split canvas print. The white spaces between the prints mimic window panes to bring a feeling of depth to your display.Another way to create the illusion of depth is through size. When using our standard five-panel split, items in the center panel will appear the closest simply because it is the largest of the set. As the panels decrease in size, those parts of your personalized photo gift will appear to be receding away from you.

Guiding Movement

Use the common visual tendency to scan in straight lines to create a split canvas display that guides the viewer in the desired direction. Does your photo lend itself better to a landscape or a portrait orientation?Help it along with choosing panels that will accentuate that tendency. When using our easy design tool, you have the option of selecting a canvas grouping that includes the best parts of your photo without accidentally cropping out crucial areas.You can even tell a story: Have an action shot of your child kicking the winning soccer goal? Break it into the kicker, the ball, and the goalie to immediately recreate the excitement.

These photo gifts provide a contemporary feel to any wall and turn a great photo into a masterpiece. Use our design to divide your image across up to seven panels and several layout styles. Have something else in mind? Contact our design team and let them assist you in bringing your vision to life.