How To Plan a Canvastic Wedding

By CanvasChampDecember, 8 2017

hile we have numerous memories close to our heart, wedding is one such occasion which remains special throughout our life. The first song you dedicated to your partner, the rhythm to which you danced together for the first time, the moment you were pronounced man and wife and kissed, and much more.

Undoubtedly the day keeps a special space in our heart, we spend a fortune to ensure that the wedding ceremony leaves a never lasting impression in front of everyone. From flowers to the color of table covers and from wine to be served to the theme of the party, you have predefined almost everything and have been doing this for long.

Pictures that keep the memories fresh

We often notice people showcasing their special moments through personalized canvas art. The sight might have given you a thought to do the same, however, you might have been muddled about ways you can get the best pictures to turn into such canvas prints.

Exploring the essence

There’s always a way out of the box, all we need is to accept the vivid ideas. Here are some wedding picture ideas to make them look canvastic:

  • Use the props:

    Props have gained commendable attention with the passing years. Using funky glasses, umbrella, the traditional bicycle, chariot, and others to click your and pictures of the guests. These images can also be compiled with certain messages to make them look further appealing

  • The blend of nature:

  • Get yourself prepared for some outdoor shoots. Use the essence of nature to take some splendid pictures. It can be a dense forest or a garden. It has been seen and even you might have noticed that the wedding pictures taken in the lapse of nature give them a long-lasting essence of love and affection.

  • Change your wardrobe:

    We often click numerous pictures in our wedding outfit, however, we would suggest you have pictures in different dresses. This depends on expression, place, and light. Take around 10 clicks of every kind and then keep the one you find the best.  

  • Wedding selfie:

    No matter how many pictures you take and how beautiful they are, your collection of wedding pictures might remain incomplete without a selfie. You can take a crazy selfie with the priest, your guests and one with your partner.

These were some of the wedding photography ideas that can make your memories last longer creatively. It’s been seen that people often transform their beautiful wedding photographs into personalized wedding canvas art and showcase the same in their living room. Whatever be your final usage, but do ensure taking some awesome pictures on your wedding day and cherish the moments for a lifetime.


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