8 Heartfelt Ways to Make Her Feel Special on This International Women's Day

By CanvasChampFebruary, 16 2024

As the dawn breaks on International Women's Day, it brings with it the opportunity to honor the extraordinary women in our lives in the most touching ways. It's a day where the perfect gesture transcends the physical—a day where a women's day gift becomes a symbol, a gesture, an experience that celebrates her essence. Amidst the array of gifts available online, we seek to curate moments that are as unique as they are heartfelt, blending the tradition of giving with personalized experiences that resonate deeply. 

8 Heartfelt Gestures for International Women's Day 

Dive into a celebration of distinction this International Women's Day with our eight uniquely crafted experiences. From surprise encounters with role models to planting seeds of growth, each idea is tailored to truly honor the remarkable women in your life. 

1. Share Inspiring Stories of Women She Admires 

On International Women's Day, celebrate the enduring spirit of womanhood by sharing tales of tenacity and triumph. Gather stories of the women she looks up to—be they historical figures, contemporary icons, or unsung heroes from her community.  

Curate these narratives in a beautifully designed photobook or a roll canvas, showcasing the mosaic of strength and resilience that continues to inspire her. You can also gift her Quote on Canvas printed with the photo of the one she aspires.   

2. Arrange a Surprise Virtual Meet with Her Role Models 

Nothing can be more thrilling than connecting with someone you've long admired. Arrange a surprise virtual meeting with one of her role models. Imagine the look of sheer delight on her face when the screen lights up to reveal a familiar face she's only dreamed of conversing with. This Women's Day, bridge the gap between aspiration and reality, and watch her light up with inspiration. 

3. Make a CanvasChamp Gift Card in Her Name  

Empower her creative side with a CanvasChamp gift card made out in her name. Whether she chooses to immortalize a cherished memory on a canvas print or create a montage of her favorite quotes, this gift card is the key to a world of personalized expression. It's not just one of the best gifts for international women's day; it's an invitation to make her mark, to paint her story. 

4. Plan a 'Thank You' Flash Mob with Friends and Family

What better way to say 'thank you' than a flash mob that springs from the ordinary moments of life? Gather her friends and family for an impromptu dance, a moment of synchronized gratitude that she will never forget. And when the music fades, present her and the participants with personalized aprons for women, or pick up the best one from an array of women's day gifts ranging from custom photo gifts for women to unique International Women's Day home decor gifts that celebrate the essence of the day. 

5. Organize a Community Service Day in Her Honor 

Dedicate a day to the betterment of the community in her name. It's a gesture that speaks volumes about the impact she's made on those around her. Whether it's a local clean-up, volunteering at a shelter, or starting a recycling initiative, let the day's work reflect her values and her drive to make a difference. 

6. Give her a Gift That Reflects Her Essence  

On this special day, let her unwrap a gift that mirrors her unique essence. A sleek metal print that captures her strength, a photo mug for her reflective moments, a vibrant poster prints for her colorful dreams, or a framed print that speaks to her sophisticated taste. Each personalized, each telling a story, each CanvasChamp creation is a testament to her individuality. 

7. Plant a Garden or Tree to Symbolize Her Growth 

In the nurturing soil, plant a seedling—a living symbol of her growth and evolving journey. Whether it's a robust oak or a garden full of wildflowers, this act of planting roots is a powerful metaphor for her personal development, a natural testament to her resilience and ability to flourish against all odds. 

8. Launch a Scholarship or Fundraiser for a Cause She's Passionate About 

Ignite change by starting a scholarship or fundraiser in her honor for a cause close to her heart. This Women's Day, let her legacy inspire the next generation. Enhance the gesture with a thoughtful giveaway—a custom tote bag, an intriguing Rubix cube, or a sturdy umbrella octagon, each a reminder of her influence and your appreciation. 

How do you make a woman feel special on Women's Day – 10 Unique Ways 

Making a woman feel special on International Women's Day can be achieved through thoughtful gestures that show appreciation, recognition, and support. Here are some ideas: 

Express Gratitude: Write a heartfelt note or letter expressing how much she means to you and acknowledging her positive influence in your life. 

Celebrate Her Achievements: Take the time to celebrate her personal and professional achievements. This could be as simple as a toast in her honor or a social media post celebrating her successes. 

Give Her Time: Offer to take over her responsibilities for the day so she can have some time to relax, indulge in hobbies, or simply have time for herself. 

Listen and Engage: Spend time with her and listen to her thoughts, dreams, and challenges. Engage in meaningful conversations that show you value her opinions and experiences. 

Support Her Interests: Enroll her in a class she's been interested in or buy her a book on a topic she loves. It shows that you pay attention to her interests and support her in pursuing them. 

Public Acknowledgment: If appropriate, publicly acknowledge her contributions at work, in the community, or in your family. Recognition can be a powerful way to make someone feel valued. 

Acts of Kindness: Perform acts of kindness throughout the day. This could be making her a meal, running an errand for her, or anything that adds a bit of joy and ease to her day. 

Encourage Self-Care: Gift her a spa day, a massage, or some luxurious bath products. Encourage her to pamper herself and take care of her well-being. 

Create Experiences: Plan a special outing tailored to her interests. Whether it's a visit to an art exhibit, a nature hike, or a concert, the key is to create memorable experiences. 

Involve Important People: Coordinate with friends and family to send her messages of love and appreciation, creating a collective celebration of who she is. 


As International Women's Day ends, the memories created today will resonate far beyond. The celebrations, each reflecting the warmth and depth of our appreciation, go beyond the conventional to touch the lives of the women we cherish. We look beyond the usual women's day gifts online, seeking instead those special, customized experiences that will be remembered for years to come. May the thoughtful gestures and the personalized tributes of today inspire the celebrations of tomorrow.