What is Abstract Art? How to bring Your Art to Canvas?

By CanvasChamp TeamJune, 13 2020

Abstract art, like any other does have form, shape, size, texture and composition. Though I believe it is an open-ended piece of art for the critics to pour in their own climax. Too often when people walk into a museum, they secretly think about the intent of the art piece. Taking the snob factor out ofit, one can give a fresh new perspective to the same. Understanding art also brings along a depth that helps one understand greater philosophies.

In our day-to-day life we come across hundreds of thoughts and we do tens of chores. Abstract art often makes you see the extraordinary in the ordinary or even the simplest of the fact in the bizarre.  The perspective here then becomes the epitome. In his famous painting, Woman in blue reading a letter, by Johannes Vermeer, he celebrates everyday mundane life. Glamor these days has become such an integral part of our life that we have almost forgotten; ordinary life is equally as beautiful and interesting. Again this is an open ended painting and one can predict so many emotions of the woman as she stands there still; thousand things that might have been running through her mind. The lady might be fighting her tears of joy or sorrow. Innumerable perceptions can be brought up about the same subject.

Another form of abstract art is to use extremely high levels of imagination, one that is beyond reality. Something that is running through one’s subconscious mind or could be even a part of the wildest dream. Surely, randomness does at times go with it but most of the art is a controlled accident. Many artists consider this form of art as true freedom; from form, from strokes, from shapes, from lines. True expression and feelings that come from the bottom of the artist’s heart or gut sense makes him create this art, which is neither ugly, nor inappropriate, nor incorrect. Kandinsky in his masterpiece with circles is an example of sheer art that is pretty, confident and surreal. These circles could be explaining the circle of life and death, the incarnation, or someone might see it as joy of making music. They see the tabs as different notations that create a beautiful harmony. Or someone could see this as an eclipse, moon, on a minute scale as atoms or perhaps even different phases of cosmic sun. Nevertheless, it is a vibrant piece of modern art.

Some of the pieces of art bring out the fear in the minds of the artist. These forms of expression often leave us wretched.  This art form has the potential to make us feel less alone with the melancholy stuff of life. In his famous photograph Dawn by Ansel Adams, he shows us that seasons wax and wane, and we’re all fated to go the way of the leaves. What do we do with that sadness? Adams photograph creates a space where our melancholy and anxious feelings can be held, almost like a loved one hugging you. And that gives us a moment of peace, calm and restoration.

Abstract art thus can convey a ton of emotions. It has the potential to lift up the spirit of the room or tone down the effect with its deep thought. It is never too late to pour your heart out to something that brings out sentiments. Each one of us has that hidden endowment which when brought out creates a space that you can call your own. As rightly said, “Home is the reflection of the people who stay in it”. Customizing your own canvas is one of the best ways to portray your art to the outside world. Some people find inspirations in famous artists and some find in self.  Go find your own model and have fun creating new masterpieces.