What is a Triptych?

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 11 2019

A triptych is artwork that is divided into three panels that are meant to be displayed together. Historically, the panels were held together by hinges, allowing the artwork to be folded shut. In fact, the word triptych is derived from the Greek term meaning “three-fold.”

Triptychs were very popular in the Middle Ages and mostly featured Christian art. Often, triptychs were used to adorn altars in churches across Europe. As with any art form, triptychs have evolved and changed over the years.

 Today, you can put a modern spin on the traditional triptych by uploading your personal photos and artwork using the CanvasChamp upload tool and creating a cohesive, three-panel art piece of your very own to display in your home or office. While the pieces won’t be hinged, they still form a cohesive art piece divided into three distinct canvas sections.

Modern day triptychs may not follow the same rules as the medieval Christian art pieces that inspired them, but they’re still an excellent way to bring some visual appeal to blank walls in your home or office. The fact that the image is split into three distinct, yet cohesive, pieces invites the viewer to enjoy the artwork in a new and interesting way. Additionally, triptychs are now available in a variety of sizes and layouts to fit a range of spaces.

Carefully choosing the right image for your triptych will maximize its visual impact. Choose an image that lends itself to being split into three parts. Landscapes, abstract pieces, and photos that play with lines and geometry are excellent options. Once you’ve selected your image, play with the different layouts available in the canvas prints creator tool until you’re satisfied with the end result. Save your work, complete check out, and enjoy your new artwork for years to come.