What are wood prints?

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 4 2019

There is so much more to prints than traditional glossy photos on quality photo paper. Advances in technology allow us to print images on nearly anything! Why not bring a little rustic flavor to your home décor with the unique texture of wood prints? If you’re unfamiliar with wood prints, here’s a handy guide to everything you need to know.

Simply put, a wood print is exactly what it sounds like. A high-quality, 1040 DPI photograph is printed directly onto a plaque made of premium wood using permanent UV ink. The print is subsequently finished with a protective laminate. The texture and color of the wood grain shows through the photo, giving the image a very artistic, unique feel. As an added bonus, since no two pieces of wood are exactly alike, no two wood prints will be alike either, even if the same image is printed on each. Each art piece is inherently one-of-a-kind.

Available in a variety of sizes, wood prints offer a creative alternative to paper or canvas prints. Wood prints are also a fun way to bring a little of the outdoors into your home. The protective laminate makes wood prints easy to care for and wipe clean, so you don’t have to worry about fingerprints or dust on your precious memories. A groove on the back of the print allows you to easily hang your photograph with a screw and creates the illusion that your print is floating on the wall.

How do wood prints stack up against traditional paper?

Paper prints are decidedly more uniform. You could print the same image on twenty sheets of the same photo paper, and they’ll all look identical. Since wood has texture and natural imperfections, there’s no telling exactly how your image will look in the end; the warmer wood tones make it impossible to color match traditional prints. Ultimately, however, wood can be the more artistic and unique choice for someone looking to combine rustic and modern elements in their home décor. At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice that varies depending on the sort of image you want to print.

How can you incorporate wood prints in your décor?

Create a multi-dimensional art piece in your own home by mixing and matching different sizes of wood prints and displaying them in a prominent location. Strategically placed up-lighting can help you showcase your masterpiece and bring out the texture of the wood to give it more visual appeal.

Don’t let holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays catch you off guard! Wood prints also make fabulous gifts for friends and loved ones.

Now that you know more about wood prints and the world of décor possibilities they offer, feel free to experiment and create some with your own images!