Top 10 Ideas for Canvas Print Wall Displays in 2021

By CanvasChamp TeamMay, 19 2021

Most people get slightly overwhelmed at the thought of creating multipicture art arrangements. After all, artwork can create a put-together room that conveys your style, whether sophisticated, warm, or humorous. Conversely, it could appear that you blindly plunged your hand into the bargain bin at your favorite secondhand store.

A spectacular way of making your wall art genuinely personal is to create custom canvas prints from your very own photos. Creating custom canvas prints is not just for professional photographers: everyone has some outstanding shots of landscapes, wildlife, or favorite pets and people. In fact, that’s when creating cheap canvas prints can become addicting. Once you’ve started, you may end up with a plethora of pieces and no idea what to do next. Never fear; we’ve got you covered! Here are some ideas on how to display those personalized works of art.

Gallery Walls

A classic gallery treatment consists of five to ten pieces of art grouped in an area. There is no constraint to the size or placement of the individual items. However, gallery walls usually consist of a central focal point with related accents. This classic arrangement is perfect for prints sharing a single event, theme, or even color.

Salon Walls

This eclectic layout uses pieces of varying size running ceiling-to-floor and ignores hard and fast white space rules. Too avant-garde for your taste? Align the top row along a horizontal fixture, such as a door or window frame or mantel, for a tiny bit of structure. Salon walls are excellent for ample blank spaces. They are also a good choice if you are beginning to gather your personalized canvas art collection and anticipate adding more pieces.


The familiar grid pattern consists of identically sized pieces hung with equal white space between each. Grids are another way to highlight a central theme – like family events or travel photos. The layout’s preciseness also speaks to those who prefer a clean, orderly look to their surroundings.


Maybe you love the previous ideas but can’t bear to drive all those nails. A smart solution is using shelves or ledges to replicate the look without the bother. It’s as easy as installing a shelf, then leaning custom canvas prints up against the wall! Place three to five pieces together on a single row, hang two or more ledges to mimic the looks above, or overlap your canvases for more visual interest. If you change out your art frequently, this is a perfect way to manage that desire.


Typically, photographic canvas prints speak for themselves, but that isn’t an absolute rule. Bring your message home by creating a canvas that has something to say. Use a coordinating background to tie in with the rest of your grouping. Wedding vows or lyrics from the couple’s favorite song can unify a wall display featuring accompanying photos.


Standard convention says when hanging art, draw lines parallel to the floor. But what about mounting a collage of related prints in a circular shape? With or without a central focal point, the viewer’s eye will naturally travel from one piece to the next. Or turn square canvases on end and transform that staid grid formation into a diamond or zigzag with a modern flair. Pump up the fun by creating custom canvas prints. Our Hexagon Prints in bundles are perfect for creative hanging.


Mimic the look of photography film by hanging your same-sized canvases close together. This arrangement is also a fantastic way to spotlight the action in a series of photos and tell a story. Like shapes, canvas prints hung in this configuration automatically guide the eye from the first print to the next. It also brings fun and variety to those long, narrow spaces in your home.

Small Spaces

Don't forget about those smaller spaces in your home. You know the ones – the area between your front door and the window, the narrow spot over the picture window, those odd peaks in rooms with cathedral ceilings. Use smaller canvas prints to fill those forlorn spaces with color and imagery! You can even create mini-galleries of four to six photos hung vertically or horizontally to provide pops of color.

Corner Accents

Just because canvases are ready to hang out of the box doesn’t mean you have to put them on the wall. Prop an artist’s easel in the corner to show off your print and fill the awkward dead space in the room. Small canvases are superb for desktop easels on occasional tables for a pop of color in unusual spots.

Fill in the Blanks

Have you ever noticed all that premium blank space on doors, cabinets, or even the side of the refrigerator? We typically nix these backdrops as too dangerous to support art. Reclaim your space! Rolled canvases are identical to stretched canvas prints, just unmounted. Secure them with clips or even trouser hangers and get them on the door! For a more polished look, opt for a hanging canvas, where light but sturdy bars secure the top and bottom of your print. Both of these options are available at

Trial Runs

Want to know a quick and easy way to figure out if your vision will work in reality? Lay it down (on the floor, that is!). Replicate your idea by laying your grouping on the floor, complete with desired spacing. You can visualize your concept, make any revisions, and take final measurements, all before driving a nail.

For an even easier way to create a cohesive wall display, use the predesigned canvas print templates found at Select from layouts accommodating up to ten canvases, then upload your photos. Maybe tweak placement or cropping, review your preview, and then the folks at CanvasChamp do the work! You’ll have a professional, stunning wall display in a fraction of the time it would take to configure separate canvases. So, you can focus your attention on finding the perfect wall space!