This Holiday Gift Go Unique with Engrave Photos on Wood

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 1 2015

So with the launch of Engraved Photos on Wood product, we shall take your gifting experiences to a whole new level. It’s not only going to remain customized and heart-touching but it is one of its kind. Engraving is a practice which is very traditional and it has been around since the ancient times.

Your receivers are going to be almost spell bounded when they hold this piece of art which is made by the original craftsmen who have been practicing this art since generations with integrity and passion

The engraving is done by deeply incising and carving out the design on a wooden plague while not missing the intricate details. It can be done for any portrait photography and can be transformed into a genuine work of art. We collect the finest of wood and work upon it, while each and every piece is scrutinized by real eyes to ensure each and every line is carved to make the picture come alive, literally!!


Our Quality Period:

The wooden plague is of the highest quality beech timber which is a furniture grade quality and it gives brilliant results.

Our plaques are hand-crafted after which they head to the production line consisting of top-of-the-line laser machines for precision engraving. Each plaque is fitted with a pure brass stud at the back side so it sits nicely on the desk. There is no compromise on the quality as we take great pride in delivering the best while not burning a hole in your pocket.

So now do not hesitate in capturing your moments and engraving it for life because here we give a completely customer oriented and product prices you would love!