Securing Your Canvas Prints

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 11 2019

You fell in love with the look of unframed canvas prints for your photos. Now the question is, what is the best way to mount your new treasure? There are several ways to hang stretched canvas prints, and size, weight, and desired offset from the wall are all factors in choosing the right option for your piece.


This simple approachinvolves using nails as a perch for your unique canvas prints. Place the piece in position on the wall, then take a pencil and make a small mark on the bottom edge set in from each corner.More “supports” may be needed if the print is wider than it is high.Set nails with approximately an inch exposed from the wall.Then merely rest the canvas on the nails. This method typically isn’t an appropriate approach for thick-wrap gallery prints; at 1.5 inches wide, the longer nails needed are usually quite large and noticeable. But nails can be a simple solution for small, light-weight, thin-wrapped gallery canvas prints.

Sawtooth Hangers

Sawtooth hangers are a common way to hang artwork, and custom canvas prints are no exception.Just place a nail and hang. The hardware is attached to the top stretcher bar and will take most of the piece’s weight. Depending on how it is mounted, there may be a small gap between the top of the canvas and the wall, which can be offset by bolstering the bottom with cardboard or something similar. Because the hanger is attached to the top stretcher bar, they are recommended for lighter pieces to avoid warp. CanvasChamp will attach a sawtooth hanger upon request

Dust Cover with Mounting Hardware

CanvasChamp offers to attach a dust cover with mounting hardware to the back of your photo canvas print.The mounting bracket is secured directly to the cover and allows for hanging with a nail or screw.There is a bit of offset between the wall and the canvas print for the bracket’s width. Again, this can be evened out by bolstering the bottom edge.The dust cover protects the inside of the canvas print from dust as well as supportsits structure, although it may add extra weight to large pieces.

Rings, Wire, and Hooks

The professional method of hanging stretched canvases – stringing a wire between D-rings and hanging your work on a wall-mounted J-hook – provides a flush mount with sturdy supports for even the largest pieces.D-rings are secured one-third to one-half of the way downfrom the top of the print on the side stretcher bars.A hanging wire is strung between the two rings with a little slack and hung onto a wall-mounted J-hook. For a large canvas, additional rings and wires may be placed between support bars and hung on several hooks to distribute the weight. CanvasChamp will install hanging hooks to your custom canvas print at your request.

You put a lot of time and effort in creating a jaw-dropping canvas work of art. Let CanvasChamp help you secure your newest prize safely!