Rolled Canvas vs. Stretched Canvas

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 16 2017

Stretched Canvas Prints VS. Rolled Canvas Prints

"All canvas prints are stretched, in order to be put on show. A rolled canvas print is a standard print before it is stretched over a “stretcher bar”.

Thanks to modern technology, people have access to so many types of canvases that they use to show their artwork. Canvases are perfect for artsy people, or for the ones that like to display their work or scanned pictures on the walls. Sometime if you go to exhibitions, you will hear people refer to an oil painting as rolled or stretched. Here is what you need about both the types of canvases 

What is Rolled Canvas?

Rolled canvas refers to a painting that has not been stretched, means you have to stretch it yourself. 

Why Would you Prefer a Rolled Canvas Print?

A large percentage of people get rolled canvases because of the following reasons:

  • The cost is much less to have a canvas stretched locally.
  • You get a much better fit with the painting if the framer stretches the canvas.
  • Stretched painting tends to loosen, so people prefer rolled canvas prints, especially if the painting is being shipped.  
  • People generally like to like to stretch the painting over the canvas themselves. 

Why Should You Opt For a Rolled Canvas Painting?

The reason why people prefer purchasing a rolled canvas is that it is a very cost effective option. People simply receive their artwork in a roll and have the option of stretching it themselves. This is a great option for people who purchase things online. Make sure that you always ask the seller if the painting is stretched or not and how durable the stretcher bar is. Another reason why you may want to opt for a rolled canvas is that it is actually good for the canvas when it is stretched by the frame because it gives a very sleek look. 

What is Stretched Canvas Print?

Before an oil painting is framed, it is stretched on a frame called stretched bars. The canvas is generally stapled to give it a better fit and is called a stretched canvas

Why Should You Opt For a Stretched Canvas Painting

Some people like to opt for stretched canvas paintings because they like to get it stretched by the printing company that produces the painting. This way, the chances of the painting getting damaged are low, than you finding someone else to do the job or trying it yourself. In addition to this, it is seen that stretched paintings look better because the images are sharper and brighter. Lastly, stretched paintings are less likely to get damaged or dusty.