Personalizing Frames the DIY Way

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 19 2019

While CanvasChamp has a bevy of eye-catching frame and mat combinations to choose from, sometimes you are looking for just a little something extra to highlight your unique photo prints. Let your creative side take hold with these suggestions that take plain frames to the next level.

Shape It

Perhaps the easiest way to create a gallery wall with panache is to arrange your photo prints within an unusual form. Use painter’s tape to rough out a heart, spiral, or another shape on the wall; then fill it with your desired images. Prints of the same size give a classic look to your display, but feel free to mix and match dimensions to create a whimsical arrangement. Use thin, simple framed prints, clear acrylic frames, canvas frames, floating frames or no frames at all. When you are happy with your look, carefully remove the painter’s tape. Voila!

Glue It

Want to bring elements of your photo print beyond its borders? Adhere shells, twigs, pebbles, buttons, and the like to your base frame. You can even paint popsicle sticks and layer them for a fun, shingled look. The add-ons accent the subject matter and bring colors out in your photo. Choose to cover the entire frame or merely place an accent in the corner. All you need is some appropriate glue and a bit of patience.

Wrap It

Wrapping a frame in yarn, leather, or cording is a great way to add texture and color to your frame. Cinch tightly; a strip of double-sided tape along the frame will help keep things in place but will allow for adjustments. Try your hand at tying some knot work onto your frame for even more visual interest, No patience? No worries! Grab some rolls of decorative washi tape and wrap away! Just be aware that this treatment typically doesn’t allow for glass over the print, as the extra material fills in the ledge where the glass usually sits.

Paint It

Give new life to frames with a coat of paint. If your frame has scrollwork, consider applying an antiquing glaze to bring those features to life. Alternatively, use sandpaper to create a rustic look.Feel free to use rubber stamps to accent your smooth painted frames, although stay with paint or pigment inks for long-lasting punch. Dye inks may bleed into your painted surface, and your olive-green dye may fade to an unappetizing shade of chartreuse over time. Seal your paint with a clear topcoat to preserve the beauty. This technique is ideal for decorating your mats, as well, and brings the details in your photo prints forward!

Repurpose It

Flea market finds can serve as unique frames for your photo prints. The obvious choice is to pick up old artwork to repurpose the frames. However, consider things like old platters and breakfast trays as potential homes for your unique photo prints. How about a paned window for an easy way to create a multi-print display where your wall color serves as matting?

CanvasChamp has a variety of smooth frames that would serve as great foundations for any of these DIY projects. Simply use the custom frame design tool to pick your base layer and then craft away!