How To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 11 2016

Every couple should follow some guidelines to have a nice bedroom that will help them upturn intimacy and thereby help nurture the relationship. This will not only be helpful for your relationship, but also help you relax and unwind in your bedroom and have a good night’s sleep.
  • 1.Have both white and yellow lights


One common mistake most of couples make is having only white light in the bedroom. You should definitely have yellow lights as they are warm and soft and help you relax your nerves. While white light is required for reading, a yellow light can work like a candle light glow.
Bedroom Wall Canvas        
  • 2.Invest in good quality sheets, blankets and pillows


This one goes without saying – good quality bed sheets and pillows means a happy you. Good sleep will certainly help you have a positive outlook to life, which will bring peace and happiness in your relationship.
  • 3.Chuck out the TV and get a music system


TV in your bedroom is a big no-no. It comes in way of sharing a camaraderie with your partner and they might feel neglected if you keep watching television.
Also, bedroom is a place to shower all your attention on your spouse. So replace your TV set with a music-system to play nice, romantic numbers.
  • 4.Get some plants


Add a little natural color to your room with plants to keep it lively. Take care of the plant, it will help you nurture your relationship similarly. 
Married Couple Canvas Photo
  • 5.Memories on a canvas print


The most amazing way to remind each other of the happy times spent in the past is getting your pictures canvas printed. Get a nice canvas print with your favorite from your honeymoon or a fun trip. It could also be your wedding picture or a one that is a special one. 
This will be like a keep safe which will keep you going and also make you look forward to such amazing times in the future. 

Canvas Champ offers a wide variety of canvas prints that can be used to highlight your bedroom.Personalized Wall Decors and Canvas Wall Paintingbeautify your bedroom making it more romantic. 
All you need to do is select the photo and once you get the canvas print ready, hang or display it in your bedroom.