How to Get High Quality Photos on a Smartphone

By CanvasChamp TeamJuly, 26 2019

Each year, the cameras on smartphones are advancing and getting better. There used to be a time where you needed the most expensive camera in order to get high quality snapshots. Those days are gone as people are able to use their iPhone or Samsung to capture photos that produce the same quality.

 5 Tips For High Quality Smartphone Photos

If you have a smartphone but still unsure on how to snap good photos that have amazing quality, check these out:

  1. Keep your phone still: Don’t miss out on a good shot because you couldn’t hold your phone still. Blurry shots won’t come out great for a canvas print or a social media upload. If you don’t trust anyone to hold your phone as still as possible for the perfect photo op, invest in a tripod or some type of phone stand and place your camera on a self timer. In addition to having a blur-free photo, make sure that your lens is always clean on the front and back camera. A smudge on your lens can give you a fuzzy photo. 

  1. Lighting is key: Lighting is the most important factor to capturing a high quality photo. Whether it’s indoor light, professional photography lights, or natural light outside shooting in the light will produce the best photo. If you ever have to shoot in a dark or poorly lit area, it’s best to use the flash, however, you should still be careful with that because it can give off a “red eye” look or make your images appear to be washed out. 

  1. Adjust your camera settings: Even though many smartphones don’t have the same shooting capabilities as cameras, you can still adjust the settings or apps to get the same quality. Play around with the photo settings on your phone to make sure your photos are coming out at the highest quality. A few basic adjustments you can make with your smartphone’s camera are the exposure with the lighting, you can choose to make an image lighter or darker. Turn a bland photo into a stunning Instagram quality photo or a photo that you can print out as a holiday card. 

  1. Add on a Lens: Our smartphones lens may not always be able to capture everything from. Grab a lens that allows you to capture your photos at a different angle. Attach a lens to your front or back camera on your smartphone to add on new effects that allow you to have higher quality photos. No longer do you have to use a selfie stick to capture a full body angle or even capture all the lighting in a space. Lens’ like a fish eye or a wide lens can capture everything from your full outfit to the landscape that’s behind you. 

  1. Editing apps: Once you capture your image you may still have to play around with your photo. Even with the right lighting and settings, there is always a way to improve the quality of your photos. Many smartphones have an app store or marketplace where you can download free editing apps or purchase premium editing apps. You can enhance the lighting on your pictures or add a filter that brings out better quality than the original photo you took. 

Get started with capturing high quality photos from your smartphone now. Know of any other tips that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!