Fun with Photo Magnets: The Trendy New Decorating Tradition

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 20 2019

State souvenir and alphabet refrigerator magnets have become synonymous with American décor, but magnets can go even further. Thanks to their durability and portability, magnets are evolving to more than just holding bills to your fridge. Our CanvasChamp team decided to help pin down some exciting new ways to utilize the custom photo magnet format.

Personalize Temporary Spaces

An office, dorm room, apartment, or studio can feel stifling to the interior-decorator-at-heart, since posters and wall frames can be a big No-No when it comes to drilling holes or inadvertently peeling the paint. Luckily, many such temporary spaces can be quickly and easily decorated with personalized photo magnets to add a homey touch or to banish corporate uniformity. Students will have funadding photo magnets to their lockers (without having to scrape out stickers at the end of the year). And a few choice shots of home will help drive away college homesickness. Artists in the studio can use photo magnets of their favorite inspiration pieces to help express their constantly changing moods on magnetic boards.

Learning and Play Tools for Young Children

Magnet boards are useful learning tools to visual learners such as young children. Kids who suffer from speech delays strongly benefit from being able to see words and sentences in picture form as they learn to grasp meanings, and the hands-on quality of magnets helps keep their attention focused. Using bright, colored photos of favorite items or places will help allow struggling children to express themselves more easily and reduce frustration in both kids and parents. Magnet boards also make great daily schedule trackers with photos of actual places and people the child will encounter to help ease anxiety and tantrums.

Ideal for Seasonal Decorations

Instead of investing a lot in a few large-scale prints, now can you inexpensively create a large collage on a magnet wall board that can be easily rearranged to suit your mood or the season. Arranging your favorite photos to complement your seasonal décor has never been this easy. This concept is great for customers who can’t commit to a small, limited number of favorite photos and prefer to simply switch things up from time to time.

Visual Photo Journals

Scrapbooking isn’t for everyone, but visual reminders are a great way to stay thankful for our blessings and to find comfort during times of stress or sadness. Photo magnets are easy to create, display, and arrangein your private space. Make a tradition of buying a new magnet for every milestone or yearly vacation, and watch how quickly your happy memories and triumphs pile up. Magnet board shadow boxes can also include items or reminders of daily goals and achievements along with your photo magnets. Having positive daily reminders are especially important in this time of social media, where it can be easy to negatively compare yourself to others. A special photo can stay buried in your phone’s gallery, but it stands proudly by itself as a magnet.

Easy and Inexpensive

CanvasChamp offers a generous selection of sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your magnet needs: wood, metal, or acrylic in four different shapes and multiple size options. All three materials are chosen for their durability and long-lasting color-fastness. Head over to our magnet section and start designing today!