3 Things You Need to Know About Metal Prints

By CanvasChamp TeamJuly, 5 2019

You’ve heard of metal prints but you haven’t tried one out yet? Whether you need more home decor, prints for your office space, or want to gift someone with a sleek photo display, metal printing stands out in an entirely unique way.

Compared to regular photo printing,metal prints are nearly indestructible, the photo quality is high definition, and you don’t have to worry about your prints fading or becoming discolored. We’ve gathered a few helpful things to know about how to create the best metal print.

What is metal printing?

Metal printing produces your images in high definition, richer colors, and enhanced depth on Chromaluxe aluminum material. Long story short, we take any image you upload and print it onto an aluminum sheet of metal primed especially for printing. You can add the print with any decor: modern, traditional, minimalist – even Victorian room designs.The presence of metal prints is more than enough to stand on its own. Since metal prints have high quality and the photos are done in a high resolution, the use of frames is simply an option but not a necessity.

Is it waterproof?

Consider your metal prints to be magical. Since the image is infused directly on the material, it’ll be impossible for water to damage the surface. Not only are metal prints waterproof, they’re also weatherproof and UV proof. The metal material resists against stains and scratches, you can’t tear it or burn it, and it won’t be damaged by tape or adhesives.This print is good for both indoor and outdoor decor.

What type of image works best?

You want to make sure that the photos and images you select for your metal prints are the highest resolution. Since metal prints provide more accuracy and clarity with image resolution, you want your photos to be as crisp as possible. The metal print becomes a permanent art piece since the image is directly printed on the surface so you won’t be able to swap out your images in the future. The print is long lasting, so make sure the image is one that you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come.

Want to give creating a metal print a try? Head over to our metal prints page and order one for yourself! We think you’ll love how it turns out.