Stretching Imagination Over Different Stretches

By CanvasChamp TeamSeptember, 1 2016

Therefore, it’s important to know about the different stretcher bars which are available in the market, so you can exactly know what to pick to stretch your imagination from among different stretches.

Your Standard Duty, Medium Sized Stretcher Bars 

Amongst the most widely used profiles, these stretcher bars come with elevated bull nosed edges that help to reduce friction while you are stretching your canvas. Furthermore, because of pliers that frame leverage your canvas, you get a stretcher bar that takes off stress from the canvas. Standard duty stretcher bars give a compact profile to your canvas.

The Light Duty Stretcher Bars 

Designed for the artworks that are small and meant to be framed, these light duty ones have a beaded edge. Again a beaded edge like those bull nosed edges, protect the canvas from excess stress and makes it sure that your canvas is taut and smooth.



Those Goldilocks

Goldilock stretcher bar lives up to its name. They are a favorite amongst artists who want to confer a side profile view to their artwork. They are expensive but blessed with inherent intricacies that add value to your artwork. Goldilock stretcher bars can be medium or heavy duty, with the choice resting on your needs and wallet.

Your Midi Heavy Duty Bars

They can be stretched smoothly, light when it comes to handling, durable and the best thing about them is they are reasonably affordable. These midi heavy-duty stretcher bars are designed for canvases which are large in size, making them perfectly suitable for a panorama or grand upfront profiles.

The Super Heavy Duty Stretcher Bars

Not only compatible with large canvases, super heavy-duty stretcher bars go equally well with your small framed canvases as well. They are like those muscle cars but are surprisingly light because of the material out of which they are built. Being durable, strong and yet light in weight makes them a perfect choice of the artists who want to be flexible with their application.



 Looks like you have already started stroking through the canvas.