Ideas for Photo Mugs

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 25 2019

Who doesn’t love a cup full of warmth on a cold day? Make it even more comforting with a mug designed to be one-of-a-kind. Customized photo mugs are always favorite gifts for the special people in your life. Whether alone or in matching sets, photo mugs make fantastic personalized gifts that will remind people of you with every sip.

Settle an Argument

Ever notice how everyone in your house fights over the same one or two mugs? Create a mug for every member of the household and gain peace at the breakfast table! Let each person create a genuinely personal photo mug featuring favorite photos and background colors, then finish it off with a name.Cocoa is terrific, but it tastes extra-special when it’s in your very own mug.

Feature the Artist

Children’s artwork is perhaps one of the most precious gifts that loved ones can receive. But sometimes, there is only so much room on the fridge. Take a single masterpiece and wrap it around the mug. Or have the budding artist handwrite a personal message, snap a photo, and include it as an element on a collage layout combined with artwork and a snapshot of the artist. These unique photo mugs are sure to be prized possessions of those proud grandparents, godparents, aunts, and uncles.

Make a Set

Turn matched sets on their ear by creating a set of photo mugs featuring a single subject, but using different photographs on each mug. A collection of baby’s firsts is a whimsical way to share those moments.The changing seasons is a lovely way to capture a striking landscape. For those times when you have too many great photos to choose from, creating a set of photo mugs lets you include them all.

Evoke a Smile

For many people, it takes a little something extra to get them going in the morning.Bring a bit of joy and fun to someone’s day with a custom photo mug. Choose photos dear to your loved one’s heart, using a favorite color as a backdrop.Add a saying to express friendship, humor, or emotion to your friends and family.Or choose an inspirational quote and get yourself motivated to do great things … as soon as the coffee’s gone.

Relive the Moment

Photo mug collages are an excellent way to jog memories of vacations and lifeevents.Commemorate that epic road trip for your travel buddies with a mug featuring your adventures emblazoned with the date. Select wedding or birthday photos to bring back that special day over morning coffee.Or choose one eye-catching panoramic vista to wrap your hands and mind around. The trip may be over, but the feelings live on.

Promote Your Brand

Create brandawareness and unity in the office by featuring your company’s unique logo on a mug.Customized mugs also provide a uniform look while serving clients during meetings. Better yet, they’reideal for business sweepstakes and giveaways. Plus, photo mugs make fantastic prizes for office challenge winners. They’re something your employees and clients will use daily.

Create Some Magic

For an extra element of surprise, choose a magic mug and watch your photos peek through when you add a hot beverage! Choose your layout, text, and clip art options, and then secret them away for the magical reveal!

CanvasChamp makes designing the perfect photo mug fast and easy. No matter how you decide to create your customized photo gifts, photo mugs are love you can hold in your hand.