How Can I Order Picture Frames Online?

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 26 2020

There is something about a well-dressed piece of visual art that adds an artist’s touch to any space. If you think you can only get that look from an interior designer, think again! Become your own design expert when you build Framed Prints with CanvasChamp. Whether you are looking for a three-inch square shelf accent or a 32-by-42-inch mantelpiece, Framed Prints are an excellent way to bring a personalized touch to your art displays. Mix and match the following elements to create professional pieces from any image.


Your personal images are printed with either a satin or matte finish. A satin finish provides a slight sheen without high-intensity reflection. It is particularly powerful when highlighting images with bright colors and shading. A matte finish does not create any glare and is excellent for rendering dark colors in pieces with high contrast.


Maybe you are partial to woodgrain, either with a natural finish or enhanced with a wash of color. Does your intended display area call for distressed finishes or fancy scrollwork edging? Perhaps you favor clean, modern lines with attention-grabbing stark black. On the flip side—is the subtle, fresh look of white more your style? Minimal frames or the bigger, the better? With more than 300 styles and colors available, CanvasChamp has the frame to match your unique style.


Pulling a secondary color from your image into a decorative mat gives your Framed Print more emphasis and life. CanvasChamp gives you 60 color choices to match your accent color perfectly. Add elegance with double- or triple-matting. Create a luxurious look with a gold base layer. Squared corners leave you flat? Choose rounded corners or cutouts to add movement. Use one of the mat engraving options to carve a shallow pattern line onto the surface of the top mat to create depth and visual interest.


An often-ignored element in the design of framing, glass is not just a shiny face. CanvasChamp glass options offer five treatments to preserve your prints beyond dust and moisture protection. Standard scratch-resistant framing glass is a budget-friendly option. Use UV protective glass to guard against fading. Non-Glare glass minimizes reflections in harshly lit environments. Choose the best of both UV and Non-Glare with UV Non-Glare Plexi. Select TruVue Museum Glass to protect from sun, light, and moisture to achieve archival quality.


Most of us are familiar with hook-and-wire framing kits or sawtooth hangers. While these are still options for our old-school clients, why not take the guesswork out of wall mounts with Easy-to-Hang hardware. Place the screw guides over the mounts on your Framed Print, and use the included level to find the perfect spot on your wall. Lightly press, and you’ll create ideal placement marks for your screws. Then it’s just a matter of installing your wall anchors and screws, attaching the corner bumpers, and your showpiece is ready to hang out! If you prefer a tabletop option, give your Framed Print an easel back!

But the truly outstanding part about ordering Framed Prints from CanvasChamp is our dynamic design tool. Upload your image, and then try on different frame and mat styles. Maybe that intricately scrolled frame—while beautiful—does not look quite right paired with your wedding photo. No worries: find a different choice and apply it instantly! Try as many combinations as you like, but we warn you—it’s a bit addictive! Go to framed prints design tool to get started.