Do Wall Decals Peel Off Paint?

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 11 2019

Committing to décor choices in your home or office can be difficult, especially if those décor choices result in holes in your wall that could cost you your damage deposit. While there are some creative solutions out there, wall decals have proven to be an easy, damage-free way to spruce up your space with show-stopping designs.  

Will wall decals damage my painted walls?

CanvasChamp’s vinyl wall decals will not peel paint off your walls or interior surfaces, making them the ideal décor choice for renters, college dorm dwellers, and business owners. They’re also the perfect way to switch out your seasonal décor with minimal effort; just be sure to store your decals carefully so they’ll last for years to come.

Here are a few tips for making sure your wall decals look their best for as long as possible:

1.    Wall decals are meant for interior use only. Apply decals to clean, smooth surfaces such as glass, smooth metal, finished wood, painted drywall, and plastic.
2.    Wall decals are most compatible with oil based, matte finish, and latex paint; they will not adhere properly to textured or gloss paint.
3.    Store your decals at room temperature on the original backing. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or dust.
4.    If a surface has been freshly painted, be sure to wait until it is completely dry before applying the wall decal.

Damage-free décor is as simple as selecting a pre-made wall decal or uploading your own designs to our online design tool to create something as unique as you are. Careful application and storage will extend the life of your wall decals for up to 5+ years. Follow the steps above and don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team with any questions about your custom vinyl wall decals.