Canvas Pixel Painting: Give Royal Touch of Painting to Your Digital Photos

By CanvasChamp TeamOctober, 27 2015

Since the beginning of time, art has transverse all boundaries because it is one of the rare subjects where every viewer defines a unique meaning to it. In recent times as we witnessed, digital technology has taken a major leap and now it can conceive masterpiece which is well appreciated and acknowledged by worldwide connoisseurs and renowned artists.  Thus, digital art has not just expanded the meaning of art but also increased its shelf life and accessibility to the art world.

In earlier times, an artist only depicted the real world as he/she visualized it. The royals of those days, the prince and princess were acquainted to this tradition of having their portraits painted by the best artist in the country and hung them to walls for generations! Today, art and the way we approach a subject has lent many more dimensions to it, for instance the concept of ‘selfies’ is gaining huge popularity. Every ‘selfie’ clicked even though of the same subject opens a new ‘window to the world’ and presents the subject in a refreshing new light, any which way he/she wants to be ‘seen.’ With the use of computer-mediated art and the use of this innovative technology in oil paintings, we are now looking at the next major leap in the evolution of art. And fittingly so, because the way art is defined itself is undergoing a sea change!

So, it can well be said that each one of us can create our own master pieces with Canvas Pixel Painting from Canvaschamp, with the accessibility of technology and user friendly designing soft wares. I need not remind the royal touch it gives to the décor of the living space, showcasing your high end exhibiting taste and the admirers that follow!

Our pixel painting on canvas is converting pictures of your favourite moment which can be treasured forever into a traditional oil painting look. Our artists become your personal designers and guide through the entire process. With their artistic workmanship, they can convert any picture into an oil painting effect by giving them exquisite strokes and colours and print them using high quality special printers on a canvas. So that’s your printed painting on a canvas!!

Indulge in the luxury, take advantage feel the grandiose and break the monotony of having just another picture hanging on your wall.