Canvas Champ Valentine Photo Contest Winners

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 14 2017


In the season of Valentine we announced our Canvas Champ Valentine Photo Contest, We asked our users to submit their favorite photos, or their beloved loving people photos and the response we got was overwhelming by the amount of competitors we received. Our lucky winner got $200 Voucher for Canvas Champ Products and it was tough call to choose runner ups which got $50 Voucher for Canvas Champ Products. Each participant also received Free Shipping Canvas Champ Voucher as a token of the appreciation for participation. We would like to thanks each and every one for such a tremendous response! Below are the winning submissions:- 

Grand Prize Winner:- “Becoming Mrs. Crouch” by April Churchwell

Runner Up: Wedding Day Bliss” by Whitney Yorston

Runner Up:Temple of Love” by Karen Baze

Runner Up: “Forever Love!” by Daiela Fithian 

Runner Up: “My beautiful daughters” by  Felecia  Francis  

Runner Up: “Valentine's day roses” by Jenifer Cogburn  

Runner Up: “You are the chicken of my eye!” by Kelly Williams-Sowers 

Runner Up: “Meu amor” by Priscila Freitas 

Runner Up: “ She adds sunshine to my every day, even in the rain!” by Tamra Dee

Runner Up: “My sunshine” by Kylie Haulk Yasin