Are Photo Mugs Dishwasher Safe?

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 22 2021

You have your heart set on creating unique and striking personalized photo gifts for your friends and loved ones. And everyone loves a sturdy mug. The perfect coordinating background color has been applied. The images have been chosen and laid out with care. An artfully crafted message has been added. Everyone will love it! But before you click Add to Cart, there is a moment of pause. 

Are your creations going to be dishwasher safe? Because, for most people, convenience is critical. We may linger over our first hot morning beverage for an hour but are not so thrilled to do the same over dishwater. It can be the most adorable photo or a favorite saying, but if that mug cannot handle hanging out in the dishwasher, it’s going to take up permanent residence in the back of the cupboard. 

How about those mugs that you thought were dishwasher safe? The shrink-wrapped metal mug that you were assured was dishwasher safe but showed peeling after its first trip through the sanitize cycle. Or the surface-printed ceramic mugs that held their brilliance for a bit longer but eventually started to fade. Now, you have to tip your former treasure sideways and hold it up to a bright light to see a ghost of its former glory. 

Rest assured that these tales of woe will not happen! CanvasChamp Photo Mugs are engineered inside and out to stand up to hard use while maintaining their out-of-the-box finish!

A Sturdy Base

A long-lasting mug starts with its construction. The ceramic milling and forming process includes several steps. Quality materials that are finely milled and combined in the perfect ratio help make casts that are smooth, even, and free of air bubbles that cause weak spots. Then workers hand-inspect the greenware (prefired clay) for any bumps, chips, or flaws. Only the best pieces make their way into the kiln. All of this attention to detail ensures CanvasChamp’s 11-ounce will resist the occasional bump and stand up to years of use.

A Vibrant Palette

Classic white is clean and is the usual choice to offset the colors in your customized photo gifts, but it isn’t the only choice. Choose from several vibrant options to match an image’s color scheme or create a contrast for extra impact. Your background will be applied to your mug as a glaze just before the firing process for a tough, shiny finish.

A Cutting-Edge Finish

When printing and finishing your custom Photo Mugs, CanvasChamp takes your image and applies it to the surface of your mug in a process that marries the inks of your layout with the glazing. This sublimation provides extra protection from the heat and spray of your dishwasher. Your photo becomes a permanent part of your piece, not just a decal floating on its surface.

So, go ahead and click with confidence! CanvasChamp Photo Mugs are made with life in mind. We know you have better things to do than hand-wash dishes. Like taking more amazing photos to create custom artwork! If you haven’t designed your Photo Mug yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to today to get started!